Have you ever had times when you suddenly and without warning felt as though you had taken on extra energetic junk? It can hit you like a ton of bricks.

Well I know this feeling very well. Having worked in the medical field for almost twenty years and promoted to a management position, it seemed my office had become a revolving door of a complaint department for the staff.

Not a day went by that someone, at some point, had some problem or just simply needed to vent. I had no idea why they would always come to me. Somewhere along the line I had become “Camp Counselor” for the employees of the office.

I would be working away trying to catch up on processing the never ending flow of paperwork when the door would slowly open and an employee would slip in then plop down in one of the chairs lining the wall in my office. They would let out a sigh and then start to unload. I would watch their demeanor change and their mood lighten. A quick “thank you” and they would walk out feeling much better but it left me feeling almost as if I had been slimed with goo. I had no idea at that time of what was going on energetically and in fact it wasn’t until sometime later after taking intuitive development classes that I realized exactly what had happened.

I unknowingly assisted in their energetic release even to the point of taking on the energy that was smothering them. Not long after, I began to develop illnesses and migraines. I couldn’t understand when employees left my office why they would feel so much better while I did not.

Up until that point, no one had ever shared with me about grounding, clearing or shielding from the unwanted energy of others and protecting myself from the very things I was helping them get rid of.

I had to learn the hard way about grounding, staying balanced and in the body. I realized this little nugget as I was working the psychic fairs. If I didn’t ground before leaving the house, either by setting my intention to ground or carrying a dark crystal for example, I would begin to feel “airy fairy” or almost as though I wanted to leave my body. Certainly not a good thing if I were driving.  So by carrying a dark crystal like Obsidian or Onyx, I would keep myself in the physical and feel more connected to my body.

The other lesson I learned had to do with clearing. This was the big thing I was NOT doing when I wore the “Camp Counselor” hat. So what would happen was I would take on the yucky energy of others and it would just swirl around causing me to feel horrible. I finally began to actively clear myself by showering at the end of the day, using clear quartz crystals, or incorporating visuals to assist in the release and transmutation of unwanted energy. This helped me immensely.

But then how to not allow that energy to get to me in the first place would require shielding. When I say shielding, what I am actually talking about is protecting yourself or putting up a barrier so that you don’t get the junky stuff at all.  This can be done as simply as asking angels to step in and take the energy before it even has a chance to get to you. Or, envision yourself being covered by a protective clear sort of “force field.”  A friend of mine has a wonderful way to do this simply by saying as they do on Star Trek, “shields up” and immediately she feels a wall of protection go up around her.

As a healer or provider of intuitive services, we need to be very aware of the energy around us, coming at us or even coming from us. Taking on someone else’s energetic junk is not good for anyone, in this line of work especially. Recognizing it when it happens and knowing what to do is extremely important and something everyone (not just those in the psychically aware arena) would be wise to learn.