Happiness Inside and Outside

Ideally, we want to be happy both inside and outside. However, during times when we cannot be happy on the outside, we could at least try to be happy on the inside. Then, eventually, the happiness inside will be able to help heal the unhappiness outside. Eventually, the eternal peace and bliss inside will help us see through the illusion of the ephemeral outside, and what was once our unhappiness will lose its reality and cease to be. Then, once again, our unhappiness has become a catalyst and a gift — to help us turn inward and find happiness within. Without the unhappiness without, we would not feel as much of a necessity to go within and find happiness within. Without the seemingly overwhelming darkness without, we would not feel as much of a need to look for light within.

The denser our dimension, the more intense the catalysts, and the more strongly we are able to gravitate toward light and propel ourselves further forward in our journey back to Source. Thus one of the main reasons why beings from higher dimensions would sometimes venture a side trip to a third-dimensional environment such as Earth in order to invigorate their own evolution and journey back to Source. Indeed, at this point in time many beings from higher dimensions have incarnated on Earth, partly for their own spiritual growth and partly to assist Earth and its inhabitants with their ascension to a higher dimension.

The eternal inside, however, has no prejudice against the ephemeral outside and hence cannot be experienced if we were to deny and suppress the unhappiness outside. The eternal loves all things including the ephemeral and has to be found through embracing fully, deeply and unconditionally who we are as we are including all our happy and unhappy experiences. The eternal sees the divine in all there is, without any judgment whatsoever toward ourselves and all that we experience. The eternal sees that the Creator is all there is and all beings are simply the same Creator disguised as different individuals.

The divine is a great mystery, perhaps the greatest mystery of all. Yet it is accessible, at least partially, through our inner knowing, feeling as well as seeing. The divine is an inner knowing accompanied by a feeling of love, peace and bliss, and a brilliance that is the source of our radiance.

The more we judge, the more we fear, and the more we close our chakras and limit our ability to experience the divine. The more we are able to embrace all there is, the more we open our chakras and experience the divine. The more we experience the divine, the more we realize the divine is not just an experience. The divine is who we are.