My daughter celebrated her 28th birthday a few days back and she is beginning an interesting chapter in her journey. If you follow astrology, around the age of 28-30 you go through a period of what is known as your Saturn return. This is when Saturn returns to the astrological position it was in when you were born. For Saturn, it is a time to flex its’ energy to force you to face some of your most difficult life lessons that you have chosen to learn from. Many people if they think back on what they were experiencing and doing during this time frame will probably relate with a life event that was somewhat challenging or restricting. Saturn is known as the disciplinarian of the Universe. It is fair and honest, but it plays no favorites. Many people will have a child, move house, lose a job or even take themselves home during this time to list just a few of the circumstances you may be placed in. These situations allow you to the opportunity to learn and grow.

What is interesting about astrology is if you have a person’s birth details, it is easy to observe the areas of life that they will most likely be tested in. Saturn is going to provide the restriction based on where it is positioned in their chart. By this I mean, what house is it located in, what sign is it located in and what are the aspects of other planets in the chart related to Saturn’s position? If you really want to find out more about your kids, have their charts done by an astrologer to see where their main life lessons will unfold through a simple reading of their natal chart. Have a solar return chart done each year based on where they spend their birthday to see the new energy that is going to play out in their lives in the coming year. It is relatively inexpensive compared to the emotional turmoil it will save you when you see them endure the learning. As I said, Saturn is fair and honest, but it plays no favorites. Some great astrologer’s I use:

Jean Luo

Deidre Wilton

So, back to Sweet Kate and her Saturn Return. With Saturn and Uranus sitting conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius that resides in her 7th house of Marriage and Partnerships along with Neptune in Capricorn, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where her restrictions and hardest life lessons will play out. The irony of anyone who marries someone with a Neptune (the planet of illusion) placement in their 7th house; their knight in shining armor does not exist, except in their head and there is nothing you can ever do to live up to their expectations. Oh, every now and then you may experience some bliss, but it would have been nice if you knew this little tid-bit of information prior to saying, “I-do, until death do us part!” Oops, welcome to how the Universe teaches us our lessons through our own experiences. Saturn say’s, “let the testing begin” and Uranus is the king of unexpected events, like pregnancy and the repercussions of what plays out in the other areas of your life relating to this event, such as job and freedom. I think Saturn has a lot of scenarios to play with; it will be interesting how it plays out. It will also have her 5th house Pluto in Scorpio and Mercury and Venus in Libra to play with along with her 4th house Sun and Mars in Virgo. The one thing that is certain with Saturn, you will learn a lot. Possibly, the end result may be to change some past perceptions or judgments you made of someone else’s actions once you get to experience them for yourself.

It will be an interesting time for Kate and even though we don’t communicate at this time, it is not difficult to gain an honest perspective of her life through her astrology. Margaret experienced a similar situation with her adopted daughter who she followed through her astrological chart for 44 years before they were re-united.

Happy Birthday Sweet Kate! You are always in my thoughts and prayers… Love Dad.