This year has really flown by as Jean, Korinne, Ratna and I have continued our adventures promoting Maitreya’s teachings that Margaret gave to us and continuing to work on our own issues individually and collectively. It is the one thing we witnessed with Margaret, she was tested on an individual basis and never stopped learning until the day she passed over. She was an incredible Spiritual soul and priceless asset for those in the world of Spirit to teach through, but Maitreya always told us that our own life lessons came first and that we would be learning, and experience testing until we end our Earthly journey.

On October 19th, we celebrated what would have been Margaret’s 71st birthday. We feel her around us all the time and get reports constantly from the Maitreya community that they have had some unique experience where they felt Margaret around them and assisting them to face some issue in their lives at that moment. Ironically, Jean and I celebrated Margaret’s big day in Shanghai China. We just arrived for a couple months of teaching with the Maitreya community here.

Maitreya had instructed Jean in 2008 to set up a Maitreya China website and to translate all his teaching into Chinese. She put in all the hard work to translate his writings, plus her and Margaret’s books into Chinese. She hadn’t received a lot of work from the site, but had put in the effort so things would be ready to support those who were interested in Maitreya’s teachings. A few months back, she started getting quite a few inquiries and even had a student travel from Shanghai to her hometown to study with her while she was visiting her brother in Chengdu. She learned to her surprise, of a community of Maitreya followers in China that had been enjoying Maitreya’s writings in their native language thanks to her efforts.

Margaret and I always traveled for our birthdays to affect the energy for the coming year. It is called a Solar return in astrology and Margaret taught about it in her astrology courses. So staying with what worked for Margaret and I, Jean recommended that Shanghai China would be a great location energy wise for the upcoming year for me and she mentioned that her hometown was where she would like to spend her birthday in December. Margaret’s and my birthday were only 2 days apart, so we would compromise on a location, but Jean’s isn’t until the 10th of December so we can each go where we think we need to be. I said it didn’t make a lot of sense to fly to China twice, especially when you are a little short on funds at the moment, so I suggested we look into staying for the 2 months. To our surprise, the student Jean has been teaching via Skype lives in Shanghai and he was “over the moon” as Margaret would say to have us available to him and the community for a couple months. He graciously offered to help us in our accommodations for the 2 months.

So here we are in our cozy little apartment on the top floor of a 31-story apartment complex. The energy and view is incredible and it is nice that we aren’t stuck in the bowels of the building. We enjoyed our first little meditation group last week and have met with a few members one on one. Margaret often told me that when the initial Maitreya site was created, there was only one viewer and look how many souls she eventually touched around the world. Well, here we are half way around the world with 1 student and a small meditation group with Margaret’s smiling picture watching over us from the cabinet in the front room and her and Maitreya’s energy permeating the apartment.

I must admit that things just fell into place and I like to think that is because it is meant to be. To top it off on Margaret’s birthday I was browsing through a little convenience type store and there sitting in front of me were 2 little bottles of Jacob’s Creek sparking wine, which happened to be Margaret’s favorite from Australia. I have been looking in all the stores since then and haven’t seen another bottle, but then who would of thought I would have come across them in the first place. So we enjoyed a Starbuck’s coffee and tipped a glass of Jacob’s Creek to honor Margaret on her special day as she definitely lives on to assist us from the other side of the veil, as she would say. As I was writing this I just received a Facebook message from one of Margaret’s students in the Netherlands telling me that she had just experienced Margaret assisting her with an issue she was facing. I think Margaret’s trying to tell me something!

It’s a great day in China and a great day around the world as Margaret and Maitreya are still providing what we need, all we need to do is ask and be aware!

Have a great month – Alan