Happy Birthday Miss Margaret

October was birthday month for Margaret and me. October 17th was me and Margaret followed on the 19th. We would have celebrated her 73rd year and I just hit my 64th. Wow, it is hard to believe that she ventured off to the “World of Spirit” as she called it 3 years ago.

As I’ve mentioned many times, Margaret lived in her astrology. She was very much into what is called your Solar return, which is the astrological configuration at the time and place of your current birthday for the upcoming year. Many people, such as Margaret evaluate the position of the “Stars” at the time of your special day to see what energy is going to be predominate for them for the coming year. What and where are the positive aspects, where may the challenges arise, etc., etc.? Margaret loved the saying “Forewarned, is Forearmed!” Lot’s of people, including Miss M would look at different locations around the world to see what configurations would provide the best energy for the upcoming year. Hence, once I was her partner, we traveled many places for our birthdays. Never a dull moment with her and Maitreya. Life was viewed from an energy perspective and your chosen life lessons. So, whatever was conducive to fulfilling that purpose was top priority.

It was an adventure to say the least. I remember going to London for our birthday’s, triggering me some past life energy that resulted in a root canal on a tooth related to some jousting accident a few incarnations back. On the positive side it was during the Harry Potter mania and I saw where they filmed a lot of the scenes. Margaret and I even spent one birthday on a small Dutch island name Curacao off the coast of South America of all places. It was beautiful. Interestingly, they had a lot of culture centered around Voodoo and I don’t think it was by accident that we happened to spend our birthday week there.

With Margaret passing so suddenly in 2016, I guess it’s a reminder that our time in the physical is precious and I know I should probably treasure it more. Don’t take your Birthday for granted, check your astrology for what’s in-store for the upcoming year and ask the Universe for a dose of Courage as a birthday gift to assist you to face some of those fears contained in the life lessons you’ve chosen to experience. As Margaret said, “Forewarned, is Forearmed!”

Happy Birthday Miss Margaret. Love and Miss, You! 😊