Happy New Year 2022!
by Laura Elliott

Another year is in the books, can you believe it!? Each year brings more things that we thought we’d never experience in our lifetime, and I feel like that’s only going to continue. It is so important for us to see change as a positive influence in our lives. We’re so used to giving fear energy to the thought of change but consider the times when things have changed, and you were happy about the change. Don’t anticipate that change is going to be a struggle. This first month of the new year of 2022 the Angel’s message to us is about changing our perspective on the idea of change in order to change our lives and to help us navigate the times ahead. Things will never go back to the way they were. They never really do. So, they’re encouraging us to be in each moment of now and to anticipate with the excitement of a child before Christmas what joy each new day will bring.

Much love in this new year! Laura

Dear ones, so much to say to welcome you to this new year of 2022. Two thousand years ago there was a man that walked upon the Earth that brought a message you celebrate in December every year. Although it has been more about his birth and focusing on the gifts the Maji brought to him more than his true message. All these years later and you still remember him and others like him that brought the same message to you at different times and in different locations on the Earth. Did you listen to the material that we recommended in our last newsletter to you? If not, we encourage you to look it up in last month’s newsletter and to listen to it.

Moving on through this new year you will face many new challenges that you never thought that you would see in your lifetime. This does not change how you should approach life. Do not live in fear. To live in fear is to give your power away to others who will misuse it and not put their efforts towards your highest good and well-being. This is the time to take your power back and to move forward with the confidence of love. When we say ‘take your power back’ we do not mean this in the sense of taking up arms, we mean that you need to find your inner strength and self-worth. You are the only one that can give self-worth to yourself, and only you have the right to determine your worth and value. Others may tell you what they see in you, but that is not where self-worth, where self -loving, comes from. It will never replace you finding your own self-worth and value. When you find them for yourself they can never be taken away.

In this vein we will also speak of the growing concern we have for your sense of well-being. Everything you experience in the world outside of yourself is a reflection of your inner world. You have forgotten this, and you believe that the outside world is what determines your inner world, your inner landscape. You’ve had it backwards for some time now and we tell you that things will never change in the world for you until you realize, or remember really, that everything you are experiencing in the world around you is simply a reflection of your inner landscape. You must first change how you see the world in order for the world to change. You must believe it before you see it.

The path you are seeking is laid out before you, you must simply look down to see it and trust that this is your path you have your feet upon. Do not question where you are, you are always where you are supposed to be, where you need to be. There are no mistakes, and every experience has value. It is only your consideration of fear that makes it real for you. If you are unable to fathom it you will not experience it. It is your choice. That is a part of ‘taking your power back’ that is so important. YOU are the one that determines your experiences here, and YOU are the one who makes their world the one they wish to experience. To accept anything different is to give your power away to others and to fear. Remember this! Because you are the only one that can make the changes you wish to see around you. Thinking that the world around you will be changed by any source external to yourself is giving your power away and will never bring the change that you seek.

Take this opportunity of the new year to remember how to create the world you wish to live in. We say ‘remember’ because that is really what it is. You KNOW this already, we are here to help you to remember, as we promised we would. NOW is the time. Begin a new practice of waking up each day and consciously choosing to see the world in the best of light. Do not feel bitter if you treat the world with kindness but are met with the anger and resentment of those that are deeply unhappy and are unable to connect to their Higher Self. They are actually so miserable because they have lost, or feel like they have lost, contact with their true Beingness that is their Higher Self. This can never truly happen but their perception of separation from their Higher Self has made it real for them. Instead have compassion for they are in a very painful position of not remembering their True Self and are lost in the illusion of physicality. Hold on to the understanding that by being that bright spot of light for others that you truly are changing the world around you to your image by the love that you share unconditionally.

We ask that you begin anew in 2022. If you think that you understand this concept we are sharing, let go of your ego and look again and be honest with yourself. Do you allow yourself to feel affronted if you offer unconditional love and are met with resistance? What we ask of you in loving others unconditionally means that you offer them love and compassion even if they are unready to meet you there, or even unready to meet you halfway there. Thus, by changing your inner landscape you are affecting your outer reality. Others may be unready to accept unconditional love and acceptance but by giving it without judgement you are still affecting them, and they learn to see past their doubts and fear of love and worth. You make great change in the world by making great change in yourself. You heal the world by healing yourself first.

In this new year of 2022, you have the opportunity to affect great change. Please take the time to focus on this and learn what you need to learn to do this and heal what you need to heal. We are always with you and await your request of help and guidance.

We wish you much love in this new year, as always and forever.

Your Angels

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author. She offers private consultations, group channeling events, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. You can contact Laura at her website www.messagingwithangels.com, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), and Twitter (@MessagingAngels). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at www.BalboaPress.com or from www.Amazon.com.