I would like to take a moment to wish you all a most joyous and blessed New Year!

I don’t do new years resolutions because let’s face it, how many of us actually stick with them and see them all the way through?

What I will say is that I will do my best to be the loving, compassionate, supportive, faithful, loyal and kind version of me that I can be. Along with that I hope that if I give out love, I will get love back. If I am compassionate, I hope that it will come back to me multiplied and so on.

I have heard all my life “what you give out you get back” I have often found that to be true. Even though there were times I questioned it as we all do when things don’t come back to us in the way we would expect.

Our life holds many lessons but we are also given folks to walk our walk with us with support and love as in our families, good friends and sometimes even good Samaritans.

We have our ups and our downs in life and I will do what I can to not let the “downs” sway my disposition. And if things get so overwhelming that I need to take a moment for a pity party, then I will do so without guilt or worry over what others will think. However, I am determined to not dwell there. Where you put your emotions, there you will build your home. So it is important not to dwell in self pity and despair.

And so with this post, I hope your year is bountiful and full of wonderful happy memories. That you are surrounded by people who only have your best interest at heart and will support you through thick and thin, no matter what direction you decide to take in life.

But most of all, I wish us all love. Why? Because the opposite is not a world I would just not be happy in.

~HAPPY 2018~!