Healing on Dis-ease
by Jean Luo

In the world today, there is so much tension, confusion, frustration, and stress. So many people are experiencing health problems and so many souls have chosen to leave the earth plane and return home to the world of spirit. We all are forced to make change to cope with life regardless of whether it is a forced mandate change or our own choice. Needless to say, change is never easy. Health problems, financial challenges, relationship difficulties, and world crisis, etc. are all at play in our human life to force us to wake up the spirit part of our being on an individual and collective level.

We are all body, mind, and soul. Our body is the vehicle of our soul. Without the body, we are unable to live physically on the earth plane. The body is our physical barometer to tell us when we are out of balance between our body, mind, and soul. Whenever we are out of balance with our body, mind and soul, the body will send warning signals to us through physical pain and dis-ease. This is a distress call urging us to take action to balance our body, mind, and soul. If we don’t pay attention to the warning signs, the body will become very sick. Health issues such as cancer, and various severe diseases, etc. are the body’s mechanism to release stress, tension, and all sorts of stagnant and negative energy from our bioenergy field as it attempts to regain balance. Simply put, our physical body is the energy outlet of our emotional, mental, and spiritual uneasiness and unbalance, the energy is just trying to finding its’ way out of our physical form.

Through my own self-healing practice, I honestly believe that most disease is curable and avoidable, unless someone has chosen to experience death through disease as part of their lessons on their life journey, or it is their time to return home to the world of Spirit.

To cure the physical disease, we need to go deeper into the root cause – what has caused the disease? The root cause always lies in our deep subconscious. It is often an accumulation of unused and unexpressed energy from our past experiences, especially those in our childhood, as well as those from past incarnations. The unused and unexpressed energy has been stagnant for a long time. It creates blockages in our Etheric body, blocks our chakras and hinders the normal and regular energy flow in our body, mind, and soul. When the repressed energy cannot be kept inside our bioenergy field any longer, it will eventually find its way out through our physical body. When this happens, it causes all sorts of physical symptoms, health problems, and diseases. This is a way that our soul is giving us a warning so that we can pay close attention to what is really going on with ourselves. The stress and dis-ease have started long before the physical disease occurs.

However, physical diseases, including the cancer diseases, do not have to mean death and the ending of life at all. If we can use this opportunity to go within and start to work with our subconscious, along with body detoxification, alternative healings, or necessary medical treatment, we can begin the healing journey, not only on the physical level, but also on the emotional, mental, and spiritual level. All the answers can be found from within. All the causes and reasons are recorded in our subconscious and in our soul memory. We just need to pay close attention to our body, listen to our body and communicate with our body.

Finding the root cause requires courage because it means that we must delve into the darkness of deeply buried and unpleasant memories, we must deal with painful and scary past experiences, and we must go through the process honestly and consciously so that we can truly let go of them. It often involves releasing and letting go of all sorts of “negative” emotions and requires us to open our heart and truly forgive and accept others as well as ourselves. Once the energy is completely released from our biosystem and the root cause is cleared, we will be able to restore the balance with our body, mind, and soul. This does not happen overnight. The healing of the body, mind and soul is a slow and gradual process, and at times, it may seem an impossible task! It may take a few months or a few years. It requires courage, honesty, determination, patience, and perseverance. However, it is worth every effort, because it heals not only our body, but also our mind and soul!

The true healing power lies within every one of us. It is up to our choices and free will if and how we want to use it. It is our choice! When we start conscious living and paying attention to our spiritual needs, mental state, emotional releases, and physical body nurturing, we are on our way to regaining the dynamic balance of our body, mind, and soul.