Healing Our Perception

If others are being negative, that is their issue. If we perceive them negatively, it then also becomes our issue. It is through our negative perception that we connect with and become entangled in negativity. If we perceive them positively, even when they are being negative, their negativity will not affect us as much, and in some cases not at all. From one perspective, our positivity shields and insulates us from negativity, much like how light disperses dark. From another perspective, it is because our positivity raises our vibration and being in a slightly higher dimension we are unable to connect with negativity. Simply put, our negative perception dims our own light and prevents us from enjoying the finer vibrations of a higher dimension of existence, and is the main cause of much of our suffering.

There are also times when others are not being negative, yet we have a negative perception of them, perhaps out of envy or jealousy, or due to the fact that they are of a different ethnicity, faith, or nationality. In such a case, our negativity and suffering are entirely our own doing and not at all due to others.

We are all beautiful, perfect and divine because ultimately we are all the Same Creator disguised as different individuals. If we could see the Creator instead of the person, or see the Creator in each person, and interact on a Creator to Creator, soul to soul and heart to heart level, we would soon find it easier to view each other in a more positive light.

And herein lies the spiritual benefit of having negativity on earth and our reason for visiting it to learn lessons of polarity. It allows us to train ourselves in focusing on the positive even in the midst of the negative, in choosing love despite the many temptations of fear, hate, anger, doubt, and worry, and in seeing light where there seems only dark. Such a game of choice is an experience, training and development impossible and unavailable in an all-positive and all-love environment such as Home.

Negativity and darkness are but illusions and are somewhat like shadows which appear whenever a light source has been blocked. And we block and dim our own light whenever we close our heart and narrow our mind through our judgmental and negative perception.

Indeed, it is the negativity within and not the one without that is the real issue and culprit. The negativity without that pushes our buttons is in fact performing us a service by triggering and mirroring for us the negativity within. Without the negativity without, we would not be able to so easily become aware of the negativity within, let alone heal and free ourselves from it. This makes earth an excellent place for self-healing and this is one of the main reasons why we keep returning to it.

Fortunately for us, we do have a lot more control over the negativity within than the one without, although due to ego we are usually a lot more fond of fixing other people’s negativity than our own.