Healing Power of Letting Go

It never ceases to amaze me how the trapped energy within ourselves can ultimately control us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If we are aware of the energy that surrounds us and is within us, and collaborate with it, our life will certainly become much easier as we are not meant to be unhappy and struggle with life. Unfortunately, we are struggling, even suffering, with our own life more or less because of our lack of understanding and awareness of energy. Without the awareness and understanding of the power of energy, we will simply stop the energy from flowing freely and easily in our life, it will in turn create dis-ease, dis-harmony and unbalance in our body, mind and soul. In fact, most issues, problems and difficulties in all areas of our life are caused by our lack of awareness, or may I say, ignorance of the energy that is there to provide us vitality and well-being. It is within us, surrounding us and connecting us. Our awareness, understanding and willingness to work with the life energy can either bring us incredible healing or hinder us from healing.

This is what I experienced recently. A few weeks again, Alan and I were invited to attend a wedding of one of his cousins in Spokane where he grew up. Alan joked with me that this was my opportunity to meet members of his McElroy family since I didn’t know anyone there. My Sagittarius spirit was excited for such an adventurous and cultural exploring experience. A night before the wedding, we had a Mexican dinner with his childhood friend. I always loved Mexican food and never had problem a with it. However, I had a big acidic reflex reaction during the night, and I was woken up by an acidic stream rushing through my throat into my mouth. To tell you the truth, it was disgusting. I didn’t feel well at all with the taste in my mouth. Alan gave me a few tums, and it indeed helped me temporarily. However, I experienced stomach burn for the next two days while we were there. To make it worse, I started to have teeth problems right after we attended the wedding even though the wedding went well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The heart burn and toothache accompanied me all the way home, and they not only stubbornly stayed with me, but became worse. I tried to use essential oils to combat the inflammation, and I took a double dose of Advil to ease the pain, but none of them eased the toothache, and it became worse and worse. Finally, I needed a dental emergency. Luckily, I was able to get in immediately. The doctor found out that two of my upper teeth were causing the pain, the irony was that I had both teeth root canaled and crowned in India while I was going through my 2nd Saturn Return in 2014. However, one of the crowns fell off two months after the treatment. I did feel that there was still some energy trapped on the upper gum and teeth in my mouth, but I didn’t get any further treatment due to our financial situation at that time. Now, the problematic teeth were being triggered through the wedding event and exposed astrologically on that day when retrograde Saturn turned direct! (in medical astrology, Saturn rules the teeth, and whenever a planet changes direction, it always creates disturbance and shakes things up).

I ended up having one tooth’s root canal redone, along with the implant and crown redone and the other tooth’s implant and crown replaced. It was such a dramatic experience. This unexpected experience made me realize the power of the repressed energy on me physically, emotionally and mentally, but also the healing power of letting go of it. I didn’t know that I still had the repressed energy deep within my teeth and it actually was also connected to the pain I had been struggling with in my physical organs – stomach, pancreas and gallbladder ( each tooth is connected to certain organs of the body). My struggle with the pain of my physical body didn’t heal until these two teeth were opened and cleared thoroughly. I felt the healing immediately, and a significant energy shift right after the dental treatment as if something deep and ancient was gone. I feel much lighter and more vibrant and energetic; I breath freer and easier as I have not felt this way in years. It was indeed an enlightening moment when I realized that I had finally let go of the energy that I have held onto for so long although I was unaware of its existence consciously.

When the repressed energy is triggered by the planetary movement through the events happening in our life, it is meant to be released so that we can clear it from our energy field. This process will enable us to raise vibration and move forward physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, our conditioning, beliefs and financial situation can always hold us back from collaborating with the Universe by acting upon it. As a result, it can not only hinder the healing taking place, eventually causing even more severe problems or issues physically, emotionally and mentally, but also delay our spiritual progress.

One of the main purposes our spiritual development is to release and clear the repressed energy in our subconscious and unconscious. The release is often triggered by the planetary movement at a specific moment in time and it is not something that we can force out. Our physical body is the outlet for us to release the repressed energy. Each part of the body is connected to the organs and energetically interacts with our subtle bodies through chakras. The Universe orchestrates it for each of us if we are mindful and aware of it. When this happens, we also need to collaborate with the Universe by taking action. If we do, an incredible healing can be achieved and a spiritual progress can be advanced; if we don’t, it will create more emotional issues and physical ailments, eventually, it will be manifested as severe physical sickness such as cancer or other uncurable disease. In fact, disease is an ultimate energy clearance of our subtle bodies through physical body when the chakras are fatally blocked, and the energy of life force is no longer able to flow functionally. So have no fear but be mindful and be aware.