These days I seem to be going down a path of learning about the effects of sound on our bodies and the world in general. It started about three years ago, when a friend suggested that I join a choir. Oh no, I said, I do not want to commit to any more activities, I am far too busy. However, she persisted, and finally I gave in.

Well, what a pleasant surprise it was. It is an all-woman choir, and we sing world music and songs that can raise people’s awareness. The conductor works from a connection to Spirit, and this is what makes it truly special. We do miss out on having the deeper male voices, but we certainly make up for it. We finish each session by joining hands in a circle to sing a special closing song, and we ask that all our “sweet sounds and happy feelings go out into the world and contribute to the wellbeing of all”. We then visualise sound and light going into the earth and out everywhere, and to places and people who are in need of healing.

I now also sing with another group of both men and women which sings songs originating from the monastery in the village of Taize, France. This monastery is an interdenominational one which was founded after the Second World War as a haven for displaced persons, and its wonderful work is continuing today. Their songs are in various languages, and are beautiful melodies with meditational themes. They are almost like mantras, and when sung several times, they invoke feelings of peace and a deep connection to spirit. The leader of this group is also attuned to spiritual matters, and encourages us to sing with the intent of not only healing ourselves, but of connecting with other similar groups through the world and sending out healing energy to everyone who needs it and to planet Earth.

I feel really privileged to be able to sing in groups such as these, and during our sessions, it feels so wonderful, as we are truly singing from our hearts. Research has shown that when people get together and do this, their heart chakras synchronise, resulting in their singing as one, with one heart. Just imagine the impact that this has at a global and cosmic level!! Even though what we are doing may only appear to be just a grain of sand in the vast universe, it is connecting with other grains of sand and contributing to the greater good of all.