Heart-Centered or Chest-Centered

It’s a very thin line between our heart and chest but it makes a world of difference which one we choose to align with.

Peace is a frequency we feel in our heart whereas anger is an energy we feel in our chest. Just as anger cannot happen when we are heart-centered, peace cannot happen when we are chest-centered.

To speak our truth calmly, softly and lovingly, we must speak it from our heart. When we speak our truth from our chest, we are merely venting our frustration or throwing a tantrum and will tend to put the other person on the defensive because we will come across as making an accusation more so than communicating our truth.

Perhaps among the greatest benefits of being heart-centered is that looking out from our heartspace we can more easily perceive the illusory nature of our chest emotions as well as those experiences which caused them, thus liberating ourselves from these otherwise very strong and stubborn attachments. Thus, also allowing us the mastery to more easily pick and choose which emotions we wish to experience, explore, and enjoy — for not all emotions are undesirable.