Heralding the New Year and the New You

As we near the end of 2023, some may be releasing a sigh of relief as we are about to put 2023 behind. A lot had happened to bring us a teeny bit closer to the envisioned New Earth. It may take generations before we as a collective human race will achieve Light Consciousness. But every bit forward is a good sign, no matter how small of a progress that is.

Life is not easy as we are here to learn life lessons and to clear karma. The celestial bodies in the makeup of our astrological charts govern our navigation through life. At times, it can feel like we are slogging through when some planetary alignments are hindering our progress. On top of that, the presence of the Ego /Lower Self can make things worse.

Year 2023 is a year of the numerical number #7 which means spirituality. Masses are beginning to seek the Light as the battle with darkness continues. As we move forward, the distinction between Dark and Light will become more apparent. Consciousness takes time to change. It is a very slow process but rest assured that we are definitely moving forward although it doesn’t seem so through the perception of our naked eyes. Our world is recalibrating and so is humanity consciousness.  We are going through the Shift. Weather may cause havoc too but this is part of Gaia’s recalibration.

Year 2024 brings forward the energy of grandeur manifestation and abundance because it carries the energy of the number #8. Tap into this energy to manifest your dearest wish or dream. Let go of the Old Energy or the Duality Energy of Push-and-Pull. There is no need to drain your energy in Survival mode. Instead focus within you to bring forward your magnificence in generating synchronized abundance.

Lastly, may the wind be behind your back as you hoist the sail to navigate your life in 2024.

Have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!

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