As I write this, it is Thanksgiving week in the U.S. A holiday that started when the Native Americans befriended the fragile and malnourished initial settlers from England, and assisted them to survive their 1st spring in America. It has evolved into a tradition for families and friends to get together, share a big meal and give thanks for all the things they have to be thankful for. It also ignites the holiday season and continues the festivities with parties and gatherings that culminate with the introduction of the New Year and all the individual resolutions of inspirational things that we are going to implement into our lives to bring change. The intentions are always good, the timing of the New Year symbolizes a sense of rebirth, but as we’ve all experienced with change, it takes discipline, resolve and a good dose of perseverance. You could probably also throw in things like support, luck, chance and faith. At the end of the day, change is not an easy task.

If you are reading this newsletter you are probably wandering your own road of change, as you embrace your metaphysical journey. The one constant on the metaphysical sojourn is change; you don’t need New Year’s Day to create change, the Universe will present it to you. It is only through change that we encounter the circumstances that provide the foundation for our growth, but it also seems to test our steadfastness to change on a soul level.

I know personally, I have difficulty maintaining the resolve on a daily basis, to the idea of giving thanks for opportunities presented to me daily, to assist my journey. It seems easier to leave it to the once a year time that signifies reflection and new beginnings. It seems like friends and family provide a catalyst for reflection on one’s life. I know for me, this time of year provides a backdrop on decisions made on this path, which has taken me in different directions from friends and family, as I have wandered my individual road. Some have come back into my life and some have not. Some have come back in, only to leave again, but the journey and learning on both sides continues. I don’t think we like to ponder, or face the fact that by letting someone go, we not only allow ourselves to grow through the experience, but also, more importantly, we allow them the opportunity to grow from the situation.

You may ask, but how do you know what to do? You need to try and understand your astrology. It is your only roadmap to who you are and what lessons you have chosen, or not chosen, to learn from. I remember this individual that attended a course with me. During the course, he interacted the most with the teacher and seemed to have complete control of the subject matter. As each of the student’s astrology was discussed, for some reason the teacher pointed out in his chart that he did not have any mother issues in his chart. This startled him, because as he explained, he was 64 years of age and controlled by an overbearing mother of 84, who had controlled him his whole life. He was required to call her each day and was essentially at her beck and call, which had limited him throughout his life. He had lost a marriage and numerous experiences because of his mother. As the teacher explained, it was not his issue; by his choice he was allowing this individual to play out a past life situation that they had come to address, but his actions were preventing this soul from learning a lesson. When we did the follow-up course 3 months later, he was the only student who didn’t return.

So, as the holidays begin, give thanks to those around the table and in your life, but view them from a perspective of actors in your play and you in theirs. What lessons do you hold for them and them for you? Astrology can bring clarity for change, but you have to supply the perseverance, drive and determination to change your life and create the life you came to experience and grow from. It has been just about 10 years since I returned for that follow-up course; for me the astrology brought clarity and definition to a life that was no longer making any sense. So when I returned home after that course, I no longer had a partner that could make the metaphysical transition with me. According to my stars, there was Karma to be played out as we parted ways, and many lessons that even to this day are allowing growth and change.

So, as you celebrate the upcoming holiday season, remember the only thing constant in the Universe is change; you don’t need a holiday or special occasion to experience it.