HOPE is Having Our Perfect Existence

Here we are in the last few weeks of 2023 and once again – what a year it has been!

Many of you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and disillusioned with the world around us and to some extent with ourselves too.  And this is something I feel is very important that we address at this time, so as we can help ourselves to move out of these energies in preparation for 2024.

Never before in our current lifetimes have we been presented with such a divided, angry, confused and fear-filled world and we have all, as Lightworkers and spiritual beings, worked SO hard over the last few years to rise above this energy, to heal this energy and to focus on our beautiful planet as a whole thing rather than as a shattered and broken thing, and now understandably, we are tired, very very tired.

“Having a purpose driven life”

And, never before in our current lifetimes have, we felt such oppression and this is something that needs to be addressed in itself.  We are used to, and conditioned to believe that when we focus on a higher awareness, when we focus on love and not fear, and when we focus on doing good and having a purpose driven life; good things such as rewards and kindness, will come from this.  However, for the first time in our lives, it has felt like no matter how much we focus on lifting our vibrations, concentrating on the good and not buying into the negative, we are still not able to manifest and create the world we wish to live in.  And its so sad, disappointing and upsetting to have found ourselves like this.

We are all a bit broken, a bit tired and more than a bit disillusioned with our expectations and beliefs of this world.  We have worked SO hard to bring light to dark situations and to bring kindness and understanding to those who live in fear, and from all that we can see and feel around us it appears futile and ineffectual and so often our words have fallen on deaf ears.  I am sure that many of you just want to go home; back to Spirit and back to Love.

“Your Higher Self”

If you are reading this then you not only chose to be here to play a role in the transformation and ascension of this planet and all who reside on her, but you also chose to play a higher role.  And due to this role, that you chose to play, you have to keep going because you are SO needed at this time.  You staying fulling in your Higher Self energy is essential not only for what you can do to help the planet, but also for you to living a happy and peaceful life.

Whether you can see the difference you are making in this world or not, please know that for so long as you are prepared to show up everyday in your life, to try to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be and for so long as you keep the flame of hope going you ARE making a difference.

You see, hope is a creative force.  It is not a tangible thing that we can hold in our hands or make happen, it is a creative force that comes from your heart and your soul and it is the most powerful tool of manifestation that we possess.

“Change your life”

When we manifest, we manifest from our thoughts and feelings, NOT from our actions.  And so, when we create the feeling of hope, the belief that things can and will change and we put that out there it creates an incredibly powerful energy that grows and expands and then becomes an energy of its own that pulls us forward, out of our apathy and out of our disillusionment and into what “can be”.  These are the tools that we use to change our lives.

Remember your power.  You are a spark of God energy, you are stardust and you are a remarkable unique and powerful soul and when you take all that you truly are; all that ability, intention, wisdom, compassion and empathy and you direct it towards a vision of your hope for the future, you become the creator of a new world.

So, my message to you at this time is to hang in there and please be kind to yourselves in every way because you have done nothing wrong.  As wrong or broken as the world around us may appear at this time, it is your responsibility to keep going and to not focus on what is broken but rather focus on what can be.  Although the results of your dedication and hard work may not be as apparent as they should be, your energy has not been wasted and you are loved, honoured and respected immensely for all the positive energy you have managed to hold on too and give out to the world around you.  Your light has been noticed, captured and used for the highest good.

HOPE is our tool moving forward and it’s a very powerful tool when we all tap into it at the same time.  When we all put hope at the front of our intentions for 2024, we tap into the collective energy and add to it; building it and making it a formidable force of creative energy based on what is for the highest good of ALL concerned.

“Healing Trauma”

When we focus on hope we can heal trauma, we can change our lives and we can feel so much more purpose driven just by simply hoping and using that hope to create, visualise and intend what we really want.

So, what do you hope for in 2024?  Where will you put your intention and attention?  Hope is energy and energy must flow – so let’s create an energy of Hope, a river of optimism and a sea of peace that we can all bathe in and that can support and nurture us even when we are overwhelmed and exhausted.  H O P E is having our perfect existence.  Blessings xox