Hope with The Abandon of A Child
by Laura Elliott

Hi everyone!

It’s hard to believe another month has gone by! I think everyone agrees – we’re all looking forward to 2020 ending. And we’re all hoping for a better 2021! The Angels are saying sure, the year is almost over, but they’re asking us not to wait for the future to find our hope and anticipation. The only time is now, so they’d like us to start…now.

They’ve explained to me that when we break away from the Creator we fragment. This in itself is difficult on a level we don’t remember but instinctually feel. What’s even more painful is that once we’re aware of the fragmentation we may choose not to re-member ourselves – to put the pieces of ourselves back together. It may be difficult for us to find within ourselves the strength to overcome the experiences of being a physical being on this 3rd Dimensional planet. We lose ourselves in the experience instead.

Once upon a time we dreamed of having an incredible experience. We were overjoyed with excitement and anticipation to be incarnated on the Earth. We were like a child on Christmas Eve that was unable to fall asleep because Santa Claus might be there at any moment. We’ve forgotten our excitement somewhere along the way. The excitement to be alive, the excitement to see what the day would bring.

It really is no wonder that it’s difficult to find excitement in our lives though; life brings so many challenges and so much pain as we grow up and move out into the world. It’s as though we never were a child with wonder and anticipation in our hearts. We see this wonder and anticipation in children now that we’ve grown up (perhaps even in our own children) and it’s at those times we fondly remember that we too were once the child with the ability to hope with abandon for what was to come. As our adult responsibilities once more overwhelm us the childlike wonder and excitement leaves us yet again.

The Angels are asking us to re-member ourselves. To bring the pieces we’ve lost back together and to allow them to coalesce into one cohesive whole again. The Angels do understand what they ask of us is difficult and they have compassion for us. They’re telling us that we must first integrate the pieces of ourselves that we’ve lost (to pain, trauma, cynicism, the struggle of daily life, everything that has happened to us growing up that has fragmented us energetically) in order for us to remember that we are all a part of the same Being – the One Infinite Creator. The change we wish to see in our world begins with us – as within, so without. We must first heal ourselves to heal our world. Everything is energy. At every moment we are sending out energy waves and how we’re feeling deeply affects the energy waves coming from us.

This is why the Angels are encouraging us not to wait for a specific holiday that reminds us of when we were children in order to find the wonder of hope, the anticipation of what is to come. They wish us to conjure that feeling now, to hope with the abandon and excitement of a child. In this way we are sending the energy of hope out into the world instead of worry and fear.

As I said, the Angels know this is a big ask. It will take conscious choice and diligent attention to our thoughts and feelings to manage this. We’ve become so used to wallowing in our fears and worries that maintaining hope and joy in our lives is akin to seeing a unicorn or finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They know that we are capable of doing this and support our endeavors to make this change to better our own lives, and thereby the lives of everyone in this world through the energetic ripple effect. Just as you don’t see the radio waves floating through the air, you don’t see the ripple effect that changing your energy output makes but it is there none the less. The Angels wish to assure us of that. One person does make all the difference in the world!

Hopefully, you will decide to take on this challenge. Find even the smallest thing to be excited about each day. Find even the smallest thing to have hopeful anticipation for each day and build from there. Believe me, I know it’s not easy. I may communicate with the Angels but I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience like everyone else and I’ve had my lessons to learn too. It’s a conscious choice each day to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and find joy, hope, and excitement in each and every day so that we are then rippling that out into the world. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world!

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