To me the answer to this is clear; just follow your passions in life. But in another way it is extremely difficult because there are many things that get in the way of following your passion.
I have a friend, who is also a musician, who said he believed the secret to being happy in your work was to figure what you really love to do first, and then figure out how to make money at it. Of course I believe he is right! The 2nd part of that however can be the hardest of course because our current world does not support this very well. You will probably get external fights from friends, family, society, and your “self” because work is work and fun is fun, right? Actually no, it is completely wrong in my opinion.

I have followed this path my whole adult life and what I can tell you from my experience is, it is possible. The thing is though, for me, I could not have predicted how it would all work,
it just has. Somehow I have always had enough work to pay my bills and live comfortably. Even to me, looking back, it’s quite amazing! I have never had to get a “ Real Job.”

I think the thing I would share is that I believe it helps a lot if you are not too stuck on how your passion will fit into your working life, and really I find that it’s all just my life, and not separated into work and the rest of my life. What I mean is that for me as long as the work had something to do with music, I would follow it. Because of this I have ended up doing many different things besides just performing music. Like teaching private students, or managing the orchestra’s personnel & equipment. For me, the pieces have always fallen into place so I could keep following my passion, and they still do. It’s easier now than in the beginning, because since it’s always worked, it’s easier not to worry about when and where the next job is coming from; because it always has come from somewhere. A bandleader once told me, “ You know, in a way, musicians are lucky. We don’t have to worry about being unemployed like most people, to whom losing a job is a major life crisis and is of such a magnitude that some might consider committing suicide over it. For us, every time we finish a gig we are unemployed, until the phone rings again…. so it’s no big deal.”

When you follow your passion, life is different, and many won’t understand it. I remember dating someone once who asked, “what’s your 5 year plan?” I didn’t say this, but it struck me as really funny, because my answer was, I don’t have one, I’m living my life’s plan.

If you are reading this then perhaps your passion is in spirituality and you might have some of the same kinds questions about how to bring it more into your life’s work. I have always had spirituality in my life, and am now bringing it into my life’s work more and more. To me an artist’s life is already a spiritual life, but I have to say that the way it is adding to my life, as part of my work is the same. It is a gradual process, but as opportunities come up, if they fit into my passion for music and spirituality, I just take them. Sometimes they make me money and sometimes they don’t, but if they don’t, at least I enjoyed the process. There is a funny reality I learned in music that is true most of the time and not just for me; that is, that the jobs that pay the best usually are not my favorite, and the work I really love to do doesn’t pay too well. At least the universe gives me what I need to survive thru the less enjoyable work, and it still all fits in to where my passion and lessons lie in this life!

In my own life I have been moving into using music as a healing tool both for others and myself in the last few years. My first attempt to create music for this was my CD Island Journey which gave me very little in financial reward and I could have easily stopped right there, but I learned a lot from doing it and those close to me gave me encouragement. Sometime later I had the opportunity to create the Colors of Sound project with Jean and although I was not certain I could do it, I did accomplish it after a lot of very hard work. But again, at 1st got very little financial reward; then, completely out of nowhere, got a break, and I did pretty well for a while with that CD because of someone else’s very popular Facebook page! It did well enough to buy the Crystal Bowls that I’m using to continue this work, and that I used last weekend for the Healing with Color & Sound workshop I did with Jean. The workshop went well and was fun to do and has so far been well received – perhaps opening a new doorway for me, with more opportunities to follow my passions. I will only find this out by continuing the journey and waiting to see what is next. As long as opportunities come, I know that I’m being supported and can keep doing what I love to do. Now how cool is that?

So if you want to start living a life that includes more of what you are really passionate and excited about, then as Maitreya often says, just do it! It doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you consider work, just gradually incorporate more of the opportunities that present themselves to you, that fit into what you really love and want to do with your life. Over time you may very well find that it can become your full time Job!