A nice young Indian gentleman that attended a Maitreya event asked me a couple questions relating to Buddha. His question was not unlike many I get in the Western world, except the reference point would be Jesus. As we spoke, I stated I didn’t know a lot about Buddha, but just like with any other belief, religion or tradition, I said, “How Do You Know” in reference to the query. As Maitreya has stated many times, “How Do You Know?” Things written or said outside the “Now” moment are just part of the past. Maitreya does not comment much on the past because what he promotes relates to the individual soul becoming his or her own Master. He speaks of our astrological makeup being the foundation of who we are in this incarnation. Our attributes, challenges and areas of learning will play out at this point in time and in the environment of this point in time. Since your energy is now and your environment is now, it may prove difficult to fit structures and systems created in the past into the present; but as always the choice is yours.

Trying to live in the “Now” is not an easy task, especially when your lower-self-aspect, also known as the self, has you on a constant adventure trying to reconcile beliefs and traditions of the past to your present situation and experience. The real past we should be trying to reconcile and evaluate is the past-life energy that is trapped within our soul memory that is the nemesis to a successful completion of the lessons we’ve chosen to experience and learn from in “this” incarnation.

The current Earth plane is very complex with each soul carrying a myriad of past-life experiences within their soul memories. Our incarnation becomes one of different actors and actresses assisting us with our lessons as we assist them. These members of our supporting cast will also be bringing with them their own past-life baggage and lessons. The very people we love and cherish will contain the energy that we will need to overcome if we are to master a major life lesson we have chosen and visa versa. So you may ask, “How Do You Know?” once again, go back to your astrology and the astrology of those around you. If you don’t know who you really are or those around you, your ego or pride may have you thinking you’re on some unsinkable journey until the universe puts an iceberg in front of you to force you into your learning. As you’re sinking you may glimpse the words, “Titanic”.

As I ponder my own chart and see my Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Libra, the sign of companionship and getting along. I then see I have no planets in the houses of home and family, children or marriage and partnerships. I then glance at my Ascendant, Moon, Venus and Saturn in the non-emotional sign of Scorpio. I then sigh as those close to me, who yearn for emotional attachment are met by a soul who loves companionship, but is averse to emotional attachment and has no life lessons associated with marriage, partnerships or children. Ouch, welcome to astrology and trying to live and understand who you really are in the environment you’ve chosen to experience your lessons. It has and continues to be a struggle for me because of the emotional lovey-dovey world we live in. Margaret will attest to my favorite lyrics from a Tina Turner song;  “What’s love got to do, got to do with it? What’s love but a second hand emotion?

Now, did I mention that I have Mercury retrograde? “I may or may not” need to learn the emotional side of love, but I can definitely attest to me having to learn how to communicate; and I would only be fooling myself if I thought that did not include Love! (LOL)


P.S. I encourage you to read the Maitreya Wisdom card, Acceptance, in my humble opinion, when you reach true acceptance, you have attained the concept of Unconditional Love those in the Spiritual dimensions understand.