How to Deal with Difficult Transits?
by Jean Luo

Everything in the Universe is energy. The best way to know and to understand energy is through astrology as it connects us with the Universe, the God force individually and collectively. However, I have observed a phenomenon that while it is a wonderful thing that more and more people are learning about astrology, many people are afraid of difficult transits. Throughout the internet, there are so many astrological forums and all kinds of astrological advice on how to deal with difficult transits, such as Eclipses, Saturn and Pluto conjunction, Uranus changing directions, Mercury retrogrades, etc. Unfortunately, most of the advice centers around how to avoid them by telling us “don’t” do this or you should not do certain things, such as sign any papers or contracts when Mercury is retrograde, don’t start a new relationship when transit Neptune is in aspect to Natal Venus, or don’t make any decision when there is an eclipse, etc., as if our lives should be stopped living whenever there is a ‘so-called’ difficult transit.

The irony is that the Earth Plan is a school of life. The only purpose of human life for those who have chosen to incarnate on the Earth Plane is to attain the soul evolution through continually experiencing earthly life and constantly learning from life experiences which are playing out around their chosen life lessons, paying and receiving karmic debts and working through past life energy and past life issues. All of these are recorded in our natal chart – our life plan unfolds and is orchestrated by the planetary movement – the transits, eclipses, retrogrades, etc. Thus, our human experiences take place according to the interaction of the planetary transits based on the configuration of the natal planets in our natal chart. Therefore, every single transit provides an opportunity for each of us to learn and to grow in spirit. From this perspective, the “don’t do that, or should not do this” can only do more harm than good for our soul’s learning and growth.

The truth is, no matter how much we try to avoid the “difficult transits” by not doing things, we cannot run away from them. Regardless of how scared or how much we resist, these difficult transits are going to happen, and they are out of our reach and control. The coronavirus outbreak in China is a good example of how a difficult transit, such as Saturn and Pluto forming an exact conjunction, planets stellium in Capricorn, a Solar and Lunar Eclipse taking place last December and this January, and Uranus turning direct, etc. create hardship to enable change and growth on an individual and planetary level. A personal example would be, if you have Saturn in your natal 4th house, when the planet Uranus transits your 4th house, forming a conjunction to your natal Saturn, and the transit Moon or progress Moon is involved, it can be guaranteed there will be some sudden and unexpected happening in your home that will disrupt the state of status quo in your home life. The Universe may be forcing you to take responsibility and to make some changes in your home in order to put things in order or to fix a long overdue repair in your home. Although you may have tried to avoid doing anything in your home during this Uranus transit, it will still take its course anyway with or without your precautions because it is meant to happen unless you have done the work. The irony is that the more we try to resist a transit, the more difficult this transit becomes because the planets will keep moving around the Sun and keep interacting with our natal planets. This is how the Universe works. And this is how our life lessons, karma and past life issues are activated and brought to us to experience so that we can eventually learn and grow from these experiences. Now you can see, when we try to resist them, we are swimming against the energy flow of life and we only hurt ourselves.

There are no accidents relating to whatever is happening in our life. Everything is in perfect order in the Universe. There is always a reason and a purpose when the so called ‘difficult transit’ hits our natal planets. Yes, it can be very challenging, and it can be an obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. We are the ones who make it difficult when we choose to resist its energy, when we refuse to embrace it, when we are afraid of it and try to avoid it. All these are our Self’s doing because it fears the unknown, and it fears change.

In fact, when we are not embracing the challenges and obstacles the ‘difficult transit’ presents to us, we actually prevent ourselves from fulfilling our life purpose and destiny. Our natal chart is the blueprint that we have chosen before we were born. It contains all we have set up to do and to accomplish in this incarnation – life lessons, karma, past lives, etc. Yes, we have chosen our natal chart; we have decided to come back here and to learn a particular type of lesson and to work on certain difficult patterns and habits; we have chosen our parents, children, partners, relationships, careers, friends and enemies, as well as everything in our life. All these will unfold according to the planetary transits. Thus, our natal chart has embedded in it all the transits that have happened to us in our life and all the future transits that we are going to experience in this lifetime. As a soul, we all know these on a deep subconscious level as they are all recorded in our soul memory. If we tune in, we will be able to get all the answers. In other words, may I say that on the soul level we have already decided that we want to experience these transits. If so, why would we want to avoid them?

It is the Self part of us that wants to avoid the ‘difficult transit’ because it is afraid of change and it wants to stay in the comfort zone although the comfort zone is not really comfortable at all. The Higher Self part of us wants to experience these transits because it knows what a great opportunity these transits present to us to experience and how much we can learn and grow spiritually by going through these experiences. The difficulties and struggles we experience during ‘difficult transits’ are our Self’s doing for its own survival which is the only thing it knows. The fear of the unknown creates our resistance to change which makes a transit difficult. However, life is constant change and change is the core theme of life. The more we resist it, the harder we make our life experience. On the other hand, if we choose to go with the change, change becomes our benefit and blessing. You will be amazed when you embrace change and take a ride with it, how much you will learn, how wise you will become and how strong you will be!

You may ask, “what should we do during a ‘difficult transit’. First of all, be aware of it. Awareness is the key to enable us to make choices and decisions. Try to understand the challenges and obstacles the ‘difficult transit’ may bring, what do we need to learn from it. For example, when transit Saturn forms an exact conjunction with transit Pluto in Capricorn, if this transit is forming a conjunction, square, opposition, etc., it is going to definitely bring challenges and obstacles in the area which the transit Saturn and Pluto interact with your natal chart. Saturn teaches us to face fear and insecurity, and to take full responsibility for that area of our life. Pluto teaches us to let go of control, to totally surrender ourselves to the Universe and to go with the change in that area of our life. Of course, change will always bring uncertainty and chaos as it involves restructure and rebuilding in that area of our life, it could be a relationship, a job, a living condition, an income, etc. It will invoke our fears, insecurity, worries and confusion. We often habitually try to avoid or resist it. As a result, we often drag ourselves down into a rabbit hole and it seems there is no way out. The more we do so, the harder our life becomes as we dig the hole deeper and deeper. Therefore, try to understand the meaning of each ‘difficult transit’, and better equip yourself. The awareness and understanding about the ‘difficult transit’ will enable us release fear and uncertainty. Margaret’s favorite saying was “Forewarned, is forearmed!”

Secondly, do not try to avoid or run away from it, instead, embrace it. “When we embrace a transit, we basically “accept” our natal charts. This is when we begin to co-create with the universe, and this is when we achieve the highest potential of our natal charts. This is also when these “difficult transits” stop being difficult.” – from Astro Butterfly

Thirdly, owning the ‘difficult transit’, which means that we do our homework by taking full responsibility for the work that the ‘difficult transit’ stands for or requires from us, instead of blocking it out. The more we face up and work with the energy of the ‘difficult transit’ and learn from it, the more we learn how to adopt to the new situation by making necessary change and reconstruct our life. As a result, we can turn its ‘negative’ to positive manifestation, and we will inevitably learn and grown in spirit. 

I can testify to this truth based on my own experience. In 2004, I had transit Uranus in Pisces in conjunction with my natal Mars and 4th house cusp, and transit Saturn in Cancer in my natal 8th house in exact conjunction with my natal Uranus, and the transit Moon in Aries was an exact square with my natal Uranus and transit Saturn. The toilet in my house entry way suddenly began to leak and flooded half of the first floor of my house. It happened so suddenly and unexpected, I didn’t know what to do at first. I was frustrated and scared at the same time because I was afraid of spending extra money on it. However, no matter how much I didn’t want it to happen, it happened anyway. The only way to solve this problem was to fix it. So, I had to contact my insurance company. It was tedious and frustrating, but the insurance company sent an expert to my home to do the investigation and it turned out that the underground pipe connected to the toilet was collapsed. I then had to contact a plumbing company to dig the ground in front of the pathway of my house to replace the pipe. It was indeed frustrating and time consuming, especially dealing with the insurance company was a challenge. However, as I checked my astrological transit, I then understood that it was my lesson. I went through this process step by step by working with the insurance company and the plumbing workers. I learned a lot from this incident about being a homeowner. Another surprise is that the universe rewarded me in 2005 when I was selling my house. I sold my house with more than a full price offer within 3 days of listing it! Had I not gone through the previous experience and put my house in order, I honestly don’t think I would have sold my house that fast!

It is indeed, in our best interest to embrace the ‘difficult transit’ and have no fear in taking full responsibility as you face the challenges and obstacles the ‘difficult transit’ brings to you. We can definitely shift the ‘negative’ impact to ‘positive’ manifestation. This process not only enables us to attain soul growth, but also the universe will reward us, which will align us with our true destiny and soul purpose.