How to Fulfill Our Own Chosen Destiny

by Jean Luo

We are all travelers on the journey of life. From the moment that we were born, we started our earthly life journey. As a traveler, each of us has chosen our own unique destiny. We have our own dreams and goals. Because the journey for each of us is so unique and individual, there are times we are wondering where the path is. We often have a dream or a goal in our mind, but do not know how to achieve it because it seems too far to reach. Our fear of the unknown and uncertainty stops us from moving forward. We then become stagnant and feel stuck in life.

To get us out of the stagnancy is not a difficult process because every one of us is born with a plan or roadmap which we chose before we were born. Once we find our own roadmap/life plan, we just need to take active action up and stay with it. The roadmap/life plan is our individual natal chart. It contains our life purpose and destiny, our life lessons, and lessons we bring back to learn again, our karma, past lives, and past life energy, as well as our talents and gifts that we can use in this incarnation, etc.

Our life purpose and destiny are encoded in the north and south node of the moon in our natal chart. The Nodes of the Moon represent our karmic paths and the lessons we come here to learn. The South Node represents where we came from and what we have already developed. The South Node of the Moon reveals the gifts and challenges we bring in from previous lifetimes; The South Node of the Moon is our comfort zone. We habitually cling to these traits, attributes, and situations, because they make us feel safe and secure due to their familiarity.

For example, in my natal chart, my South Node is in Cancer, and it is on the cusp of the 7th house (marriage and partnership) and the 8th house (shared resources and intimacy, etc.). For example, when I was at the age of 22 years old, and just graduated from college, I fell in love with a young soldier. All I wanted was to marry him, to be his stay-at-home wife and to look after our children and family. Unfortunately, when I summed up all my courage to tell him that I wanted to be his girlfriend, he rejected me. My dream was shattered, and I was heartbroken. I took the train from my hometown back to the city where the University I worked on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year and locked myself in our dome for 3 days crying. I finally made a brave decision – to become a graduate student and to pursue my career, and to show him what he has lost by rejecting me (I have Scorpio Ascendant and Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio, LOL). What I didn’t know at the time was that this young soldier just did a big favor to my soul because his rejection enabled me to move towards my North Node Destiny – to become my own boss and to become a financially independent person. As you can see, I spontaneously fell into my South Node comfort zone until the Universe through him kicked me out of my comfort zone and moved towards my destiny. Oh boy, it was so hard for me at that time. Now looking back, I am indeed grateful for this happening.

The truth is that when we are holding onto these South Node traits, tendencies, and characteristics, although they can make us feel familiar and comfortable for a while, they will eventually make us feel stuck and stagnant, and we will feel lost, and we do not know where to go or what to do. Believe me, the Universe will try all it can to put us on our destiny path, of course, only if we truly listen and follow.

The only way for us to move forward in our soul evolution path is to develop and build our life towards our chosen destiny – the North Node of the Moon. The North Node is the exact opposite to the South Node, it represents our life purpose and destiny in this incarnation; it is a new path for us to attain soul growth. Because it is a new path, we have never been there before, it is an unknown and unfamiliar territory. Thus, it requires us to listen to our intuition, to face our fear of the unknown and unfamiliar, and to have courage to act upon it. This is not an easy process because it means that we are leaving the comfort zone behind and going on a journey of adventure into the unknown. This is a process of letting go of fear and doubt, and of building self-confidence and truly believing in ourselves. However, I can assure you that once you have stepped out of your comfort zone and started towards your destiny path, everything will become clearer and better for you, and you will slowly but surely become the person you are meant to be, and you will be happy and glad you have done so.

There will come a time when we have developed our destiny path, and fulfilled it, we will then be able to attain the dynamic balance between the South Node and North Node. This is a process of raising consciousness and advancing our soul evolution. The journey is the reward!