Intuition: Follow the urges and nudges. What seems silly may be surprisingly sound.

One night a few years ago I planted myself in front of the television to watch something, anything that I could find. It was unusual for me. I have certain shows that I like to watch and I set aside time to watch them. This night was different though. It was after nine and none of the regular shows were on but I just wanted to watch something!

So there I was…channel surfing, like there was nothing else in the world to do. I flipped through all the channels a few times until something caught my eye. There was a dessert scene on PBS and I stopped to check it out. It was a documentary about Marco Polo, the Italian merchant/explorer from the thirteenth century who traveled several times from Italy to Asia and befriended the great Kublai Khan of the Mongolian Empire. Some time was spent exploring the routes that were taken to get from Italy to China and back, the difficulties and hardships along the way. The routes were/are know as The Silk Road.

I watched in a trance until the show ended, over an hour later. It was late; I was tired and grumpy. “Grade five history. What a waste of time,” I scolded myself. “You just wasted reading time, writing time, sleeping time, work time. Anything but sitting here like a bimbo. How stupid!”

A few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night with the urge to write. I had a story inside that needed to get out…now. I reached for paper and pen and started to write the story of a man on The Silk Road. It was so vivid, as if I was really there. I felt the desert, the beauty, the fear, and the loneliness. The story flowed and I easily used names of people and places. I even knew the name of the mountain range to the north, information from the documentary of Marco Polo. It felt so good to put that story out there.

Was this a past life? Perhaps for me…perhaps for someone else. This story became one of the short stories in my book “The Red Glass Ball: Touching Lives Through History”. Several months after it was published, I received an email from a friend who had purchased the book. The story “The Silk Road” had a profound effect on her. It triggered a past life and a huge clearing. She was grateful.

Experiences like this happen all of the time. I am now not as quick to scold for what my self might consider silly or a waste of time. I am more aware of the inklings and nudges. I allow time for those silly urges. Not all turn into great stories or profound experiences. Some indeed just turn into silly activities and I release them as that. After all, having fun is part of the adventure.

I trust and listen to my intuition for Spirit guides in many ways.