It Is Time
by Laura Elliott

Hello everyone! Happy new month! This month the Angels are reminding us that things are getting real LOL. It’s really time to finish figuring our stuff out so that we can be there to guide others. We have to be willing to heal ourselves first in order to help others to heal. The Creator is with us all and we are all the Creator. Blessings! Laura

What is the path that you choose for yourself? Would it be the road you choose less frequently or the well-worn one? It is now time to awaken and to realize that you do have a choice to make. Do not settle for the status quo. So much has happened in the past few years in order to give you time and perspective. Do not look for things to “go back to normal”, in fact, you should be hoping that they do not. This break you have had at home has been an opportunity to look at life differently, from a different perspective. What have you learned about yourself over the past couple of years? Have you found there is a ‘you’ without your usual place of employment? Have you found value in finding a routine out of the ordinary? It has been your choice, as always, to see the last couple of years as a struggle and a challenge, or to ask yourself what opportunity has been given to you in the disguise of social upheaval and uncertainty. There is always value to be found in asking what one can learn from any given situation rather than playing the victim and crying “why me?!”.

Can you separate yourself from the physical being that you are on the planet right now? You have come to complete a mission here and now is the time for you to awaken. You have asked us to alert you to when this time arrived, and it is now. There is no longer time to exist in victim mode, nor to linger in the draw of the material realm. It is time to awaken to your Heart Center and to reconnect with All That Is. The many trials and tribulations, as you see them, have the purpose of drawing out the remaining venom of this existence on the Earth plane so that you may attend to your duties that you came here to perform. Be thankful for them, do not fall into commiseration with others of Humanity that you are here to assist and that do not have the previous spiritual existence and experience that you have brought with you to complete your mission here on Earth. When there is a group commiserating on their existence here you are to be the one in the group to help them to see the Light. But first you must remember Who You Are so that you may share the tools with them to bring them to the remembering of their True Selves.

We are not saying that you must make others see things as you do. No, you are only here to provide the safe space for discussion and to allow others to use their Free Will to make their choice of direction and Polarity. You are here to lead by example, the choices others make are not up to you, they are here to exercise the Free Will the Creator gave them to decide their own Soul Journey.

As always, we are here to assist you with this difficult path you have chosen. We will always provide you with answers for your best and highest good.


Your Angels

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author. She offers private consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. She currently offers a 10 Week Metaphysical Course for one-on-one coaching with her and the Angels. You can find more information on beginning this course at Laura’s website You can also find Laura on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), and Twitter (@MessagingAngels). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available from her website or in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from