(This month the Angel’s wished me to channel this message to you.  They, and I, offer it with love and the hope that it will be incorporated into your heart, for we cannot grow Spiritually while we hold on to judgment.  Blessings.)

It is Time to Be Free

By Laura Elliott

Day to day we try to speak to you all. You are all capable of hearing us. It is only a fear of the unknown that holds you back my dears.

Growth happens when you are not looking. It is just as your birthdays. Over the entire year you are aging, you do not suddenly become a year older on the anniversary of your birth, it happens gradually. So too does your Spiritual growth happen. One day you look back and wonder where the time has gone, but it has been happening gradually all along. You do not suddenly “become”, it is a process. For many the question becomes, “how do I get there?” and we say to you one day at a time, one step at a time. Do not concern yourself with the future, nor the past. Only the now is important. Each moment is the only moment there truly is.

This ties into your concept of good and bad, right and wrong. We know many of you do not want to hear this, but for those that are ready, here it is. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, no mistakes. There is only the experience. You are each a piece of the Creator expressing Itself in an infinitesimal number of forms at the same time and experiencing whatever it is you chose to experience in this lifetime.  Each Being will have a multitude of Experiences, some you would term “good” and some you would term “bad”. You may do things that are deemed “right” or “wrong”. But we tell you, things are only such because you judge them so, not because they are.

All Experiences are a neutral thing, and it is only your human perception that turns something that is a neutral thing into a judgment thing.  You are born into the physical realm having forgotten all the things you were most excited to experience while you were in the Spirit Realm with us.  The lessons you had chosen to learn, the karma you had come to pay back, and to be gifted that which karmically you are due.  And not knowing the experiences you planned to have, you certainly do not know what all the other pieces of the Creator have chosen to experience. That is why there is no right, wrong, good or bad. You are all having the experience at the theme park that you desired to have, so there is no cause to judge yourselves or others for what is being done at this moment of incarnation on the Earth. There is a reason for everything even if you don’t understand it, now or ever. You must have faith that everything is happening the way it needs to.

Jesus once spoke of Judgment day, and in your physical incarnations that you currently inhabit you misunderstood the meaning of what he spoke of. You have turned a joyful event into one to be feared. You have assigned your limited view from the physical realm upon that of the Creator in your attempt to understand it, but have instead turned a blessed, joyful event into one of dread and fear. That Last Judgment Day is NOT the day that you are judged by the Creator for all your perceived “wrongs”, for the Creator does not judge, IT IS the last day that you judge each other and yourselves. On that day, when you finally release the illusion of separateness and remember you are a piece of the Creator experiencing itself in many different forms, only then will you be able to be free of judgment, and thus, truly free. As we have said, the Creator does not judge, that is a human invention and a shackle you have placed around your own ankles. We encourage all to take your shackles off, for it is time to be FREE.