It is Time
by Laura Elliot

This is the message from our Angels this month:

What is time?  Is it the hands on a clock?  Is it the movement of the Earth around the Sun?  Is it real or a figment of your imagination? You are very creative creatures and this you have invented too, for time does not exist except on your Earth plane of existence. This is what confuses you about “past” lives and assuming they happened in a particular order and traveling to distant stars and the “time” it would take to get there, thereby making it an impossible task. You set for yourself made up limits that you adhere to when the only thing stopping you from traveling to far places is the belief that you can’t. For we tell you, there is no difference between going to the house next door and going to the furthest galaxy.

You were taught these limitations; you did not come into this dimension with them. We are here to help you to remember who you truly are down under the “skin suit” you currently wear. The vast Being that you truly are has every knowledge available to it. It is only your denial of your True Self that leaves you feeling separated from everything and looking for answers outside of yourself. You look to others, to books and videos, to tell you who you are and accept the word of the people in power that they have your best interest at heart. It is time to trust yourself and reach within. Tune out the drama of the outside world and turn your focus within for the answers you seek. Take your power back and choose your own destiny, do not leave it in the hands of others. For the time of reckoning is upon you and those of Service to Others polarity will reap the seeds they have sown from existing in love, kindness and nonjudgement of themselves and others. This is the path you must seek to progress to 4th Density positive polarity. We encourage you all to focus on Service to Others without concern for reward, for it is its own reward.

Gaia is ready to progress along her natural path to her own enlightenment. She has given many eons of extra time for her inhabitants to learn the lessons they have been here to learn, but now she must move on herself. The choice is upon you to choose to live in love, forgiveness and nonjudgement, for therein lies the path you seek to completion of this life cycle, and the one that will enable you to move on to the next level of existence.

We ask our channel to write this message because we love you and wish for you to have plenty of time to make this important choice. We understand that every day it will be a choice to be loving, to forgive yourself and others, and to not live in judgement. Realize that you did not come into this life hating, blaming and condemning others for their choices. You were taught these things and you are fully capable of returning to your natural state of love, forgiveness and acceptance. It is a habit you have learned, and it is a habit you are capable of changing. First comes the Awareness that you do have a choice, and then comes the recognition of when you are being hateful, unforgiving or judgmental and stopping yourself and turning to love, forgiveness and nonjudgment, until eventually the habit is changed and you are easily doing what comes natural to you again.

There is no time to delay in beginning to change this behavior. When you align yourself with your True Higher Self Being and remember your direct connection to the Creator, you will understand the importance of returning to your true state and wonder that you were ever capable of being something else.