It’s a Game, Do YOU Know the Rules!

Last month I discussed our adventure centered around house hunting and all the learning opportunities that unfolded from the somewhat failed outcomes of our choices, i.e., no house LOL! The learning didn’t stop, and the emotions of the moment kept coming to the surface as we endured the learning curve of how to make a successful bid. We made another bid that in a normal housing market would be considered insane only to be outbid by someone even crazier than us! After we lost the last bid, we became aware that there was more to the process beyond the bid price. There were things like different types of loans from your lender, covering a gap in the appraisal because you’re bidding higher than the house may appraise for in this crazy market, waiving inspections, etc. Simply put, by learning the rules of the bidding game, you’ll probably stand a better chance of a successful bid or at least the ability to know you really lost to a better bid.

Well, today as I write this, we finally met the success we strived for with a very nuanced bid spiked with our newfound knowledge gained from our unsuccessful offers. Maitreya would counsel me on any experience being unsuccessful, I can hear him whispering in my ear “Look at all you learned in the experience and don’t forget about all the past life energy that came to the surface to be looked at, and hopefully dealt with 😊.” So, if all unfolds as expected in the closing process, we will be moving on to another set of learning opportunities as we navigate packing up one residence and fine tuning another to our expectations.

As I write this I can still hear Maitreya’s words on the first course I took with him and Margaret back in March of 2004. He said, “If you can view life as a game and say let the game begin, then you’re well on your way.” The reason I flew the 6,000 miles to study with him and Margaret was to learn the rules of the game of life according to Maitreya. So, what did he introduce me to so that I could better navigate my way through the learning experiences that encapsulate the purpose of the life journey? A highlight would be the awareness of a) Self and Higher Self, b) Astrology, c) Past Life Energy, d) Karma, e) Life Lessons, f) Healing Modalities.

All these topics and more are discussed in the Messages from Maitreya Vol. 1 Audiobook and the Maitreya Wisdom Card App. (Downloads are free 😊) If you decide to take your journey to the next step, peruse the services under the Learning and Services tabs on the website.

Have a great month,