Manifestation! It’s not just a theory; it’s a law. So in this short article, I’m going to talk about 2 things: the law of manifestation – and the Karmically Delicious cruise.

Years ago, when Margaret invited me to participate in the Masters Course, I knew I wanted to attend – but it was expensive. I hesitated; but at the same time, I told spirit that I wanted to be there. Within a week, an unexpected refund showed up in my mailbox that represented about a third of the cost. I then decided to support my thoughts with action, and signed up for the course; trusting that the rest of the money would ultimately be available. Sure enough, by putting my action behind my words, I ended up receiving another financial windfall a week later. In all, once I spoke  my desire to spirit, and then put action behind my words; spirit brought me 2/3 of the tuition and the course was now mine.

There have been countless times when similar things have happened to me; so that I know in my soul that the Law of Manifestation is real. Like everything we experience, money is energy.  So to manifest money, one needs to participate in an energy exchange by doing two things:

1) Ask spirit for what you want; what you need; and be specific; and

2) Demonstrate your trust in spirit by ‘putting your money where your mouth is.’

This doesn’t only work with money; it works with other hopes and dreams, too. But it only works if you ask with specificity for something you truly need; demonstrate your belief that spirit will provide the means; and understand that spirit will come through – but in it’s time. I’ve seen it work on big stuff (like finding a life partner) and little stuff (like finding an ‘impossible’ parking space)!  But you need to be a participant in the program.  This isn’t just praying for a winning lotto ticket and expecting it to magically fall into your lap. This is having a deep, specific need for something; speaking it into existence by telling spirit what you need; and then by taking action – making a commitment – with the belief (the knowing) that you and spirit will manifest your heart’s desire.

That brings me to my next point. So where are you on your journey? Your metaphysical education? The Karmically Delicious cruise is coming up in just 5 months. This isn’t like a course or a webinar where you can sign-up at the last minute. 5 months may seem like a long time, but it’s not. It’s a blip in time. Obviously, you have to make plans to be there. And you have to book the cruise before all of the cabins on the ship are sold out.

Many people have mentioned that they would really like to go, but are held back by the financial commitment. But just like everything, commitment is a two-way street. And just like the law of manifestation, financial challenges can be met by applying the law. Tell Spirit what you need. Be specific, and then trust in the process by putting action behind your words. Alan and Jean trusted in the process by not only signing up for the cruise, but signing up to be speakers; all in the infancy of the program.

We have designed a program that is amazingly educational; over-the-top fun; and spiritually enlightening. For less than $1,000; you can spend a week on a beautiful ship, cruising around the Mexican Riviera, playing in some beautiful ports, and rubbing elbows with inspiring practitioners.

Check out The website will inspire you to want to be with us. Then tell Spirit you need to be with us; and then back your words of manifestation with action. It’s time to reboot your life. Register now (our group discount rates expire soon). Come with a spouse, a partner, a friend – and join Alan and Jean and many others on this wonderfully spiritual adventure!