It is a very interesting time that we have chosen to live in. The energy is powerful, moving us forward and onward in ways unimaginable and most often seemingly beyond our control.

I won’t get into a political discussion here, but suffice to say there appears to be chaos. ‘What was’ is rapidly changing. Life as we knew it, or as we were told it should be, is disintegrating before our eyes. It is leaving people in fear and anger, but mostly feeling helpless. We are being forced to dig deep, look at and acknowledge what we truly believe. The process is painful and many are stuck in the bleakness of it all. It’s difficult to acknowledge that ‘what was’ may not have been as great as stated, and ‘what will be’ depends on what I truly am and put forth in this moment.

In my personal life, the last few years have very interesting. Circumstances have put me back in the city that I was born in, close to family that ‘need’ me. Those circumstances include my 91-year-old mother; a sister who has been going through various cancer treatments for 7 years; a brother-in-law who had a lung transplant. My spiritually based natural-health self was suddenly immersed in the strict medical world. Believe me, it’s been a journey of lessons to find a balance with this. I continue to be that spiritually based natural-health self; it works for me. I have developed a deep respect for the medical world, the scientific knowledge that brings in powerful healing to those who need it. I have overcome the anger I feel from observing the power that the medical (drug related) world can hold over individuals. I have learned to share my knowledge and opinion through example and when asked. It is so difficult to detach and allow others to live their journey, trusting that my energy is there when needed. I have come to truly understand what Maitreya says here: “You have such fear of death, such fear of leaving your body and coming home, but most of that is the old adage that you are going to be judged or going to hell. There is no hell, you judge yourself. God is an energy, as you call it the ultimate being, divine spirit, whatever people call it. It is universal love, it is the energy that overrides even we the master teachers, and it is an energy that is total unconditional love. It knows everything…”

And so this statement came through loud and clear last week. As usual it was scribbled into a notebook in the middle of the night.


I have reread that statement frequently since, letting it sink in, take hold, allow change, and remind me to live my life purpose. By living my life purpose, I allow others the same opportunity. I am blessed and so grateful for this.

©Linda Zeppa