Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

From 24 March 2024 until 22 May 2024, we have the much-anticipated conjunction between the planets Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

Firstly, what is a conjunction?  A conjunction is an aspect formed in astrology between two planets.  The planets are constantly moving in their orbits around the Sun and as they do so they form different mathematical degrees with one another which are referred to as “aspects” in astrology.  A conjunction is formed between 2 planets when they move within 0 – 10 degrees of one another’s orbits at any given time.  Therefore, when two planets or forces are close to one another like this they amplify and intensify one another’s energies.  So, Jupiter and Uranus will be working alongside one another from a very close and intense perspective between these dates making their influence over us and the planet extremely relevant and apparent.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance and is usually considered to be a very benevolent and easy-going planet.  However, it is always his job to expand upon what is given to him.  So, when he sits in the energy of Taurus, he is expanding upon all things Taurean which relates to the earth, money, security, hard work, healing, groundedness, stubbornness, sensitivity, and our ability to forgive.  It is his job to bring to the surface all that needs to see the light of day to be transformed, let go of, or elevated.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change, independence, and higher thinking.  Wherever he is  moving through our Charts is where we are being asked to expect the unexpected.  When he sits in the energy of Taurus he is activating and bringing change to how we see and treat the planet, our attitudes and use of wealth and security, how we work, and to our ability to be flexible and to forgive what has gone before.  It is the job of Uranus to keep us on our toes, to keep us evolving and to embrace change as the only constant in this world.

So, let’s put it all together now.  When Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus we can expect magnification in the changes that are coming.  As Taurus energy is an earth energy, this conjunction can bring changes to the planet herself.  We may see an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and so forth.  We may also see major sudden and unexpected changes in our financial systems.  The environment and how we treat our beautiful planet will also come into focus for change at this time, as will the people of this planet and how we perceive our wealth and security to be.  And because Uranus is involved, it will be all about curve balls and expecting the unexpected, and therefore very hard to predict exactly how it will all play out.

What we all know, and you would have to be living under a rock to NOT have noticed this, is that the world must change.  The old systems are crumbling and so there is less and less to hold on too, and this is exactly how it should be.  If something does not work in your life your first step is usually to try and fix it, and it if cannot be fixed, or if fixing it does not last or work, then we replace it with a better version or something more advanced or “better” in some way.  And so, it needs to be on the earth plane  on a grand scale.

If you have been finding of late that you seem to be stuck in limbo, not really able to do much or step forward it is because of this upcoming conjunction and your soul’s reaction to it.  So don’t try to push anything too much at this time.  Rather, look for a flow or what is naturally presenting itself to you and go with this as the Universe always has the bigger picture and knows where and when to guide you along.

Mother Earth will look after herself – she has too as our Mother.  And she will make no apologies or excuses for what she needs to do to protect herself and in the big picture, protect us, from ourselves and our polluting ways.  Therefore, at the time of the beginning of this powerful conjunction she may well be looking to balance herself out more, as at the time of this conjunction we are also experiencing a Lunar Eclipse in Libra (the sign of balance).

Any and all changes we experience at the time of this conjunction are necessary changes for our planet, for the collective and for each of us as individuals.

How will this affect you as an individual?  Well, this all depends on where the Taurus and Libran energies sit in your Natal Chart.  If you have Taurus energy in your 1st House of Self, then you will experience a lot of personal change that will be designed to encourage you to be more self-sufficient and confident in yourself.  And if the Taurus energy is in your 1st House, then the Libran energy will be in your 6th House, so you could also experience changes in your relationships with colleagues or workmates and those that you relate to on a daily basis, as well as how you perceive your worth in this lifetime.

Astrologically we have been talking about these major changes coming for quite some time and now they are here.  2024 will not only be a very fast year but it will also be a year of significant change on the earth plane as we let go and move out of our old ways to create and develop new ways of being and relating to one another.  The more you can embrace change and are prepared to let go of your old ways of being, the easier the transition will be.  But for those out there still very stuck in materialism, capitalism, lining their own pockets and not caring about how they treat the planet and all who live here, it could be quite a challenging journey.

So, buckle up buttercup, it’s gonna be a wild ride and your way through it is to hold strong and to believe in yourself in every way.  Much will be revealed as this transit makes itself felt and all of this is designed to reshape our beautiful word into one of equality and abundance for all.  A lot of what will be revealed will  not be pleasant, but as we know “the truth hurts, but it sets us free”. We are in the Age of Aquarius, and this is our God-given opportunity to embrace change, to step outside of our old beliefs and ways, and to create a world that we all live happily and equally in.

This conjunction will be exact from 18 April until 25 April 2024.  When it is exact it means that both planets will be virtually on top of one another or within one degree of one another in Taurus, and that will be 21 – 22 degrees of Taurus for those of you who know how to follow this in your own Natal Charts.

Now this may all sound a bit scary and challenging, but I ask you to have no fear.  All that is happening is meant to happen as we must change to survive.  Taurus energy will always encourage us to connect with and spend time in nature – to touch and be around what is REAL.  So, look to your garden and what you can grow there – growing your own food is always beneficial, and communing with nature will ALWAYS make us feel more grounded, more at peace and more aware that we are all part of the same One-ness.  And look to what plans and foundations you can put in place in your life to feel more in control and more in touch with what is truly important to you.

Never forget that you are alive right now, right here because you chose to be.  And if you chose to be here during this time of great change and upheaval, then you have chosen to play a role in it all.  And the greatest role you can play at any given time is to give light and love to yourself, those around you, and the planet as a whole.  So, don’t be afraid to do you, to go with your own counsel, and to stand in your own power and your own light.  You are loved, you are blessed, and you are divine in every way.  Blessings xox