One of the biggest fallacies you can wholeheartedly live for years, is the belief that you are still not good enough to do the work you feel as your life calling.

Every day I talk to wonderful people, clients and friends, who despite their talents and potentials still doubt in themselves and think they do not know enough. They believe they still have to attend to a bunch of courses, workshops or seminars to be “ready” to do what their hearts and souls long for very much. They are very afraid of the negative critics and rejections and afraid someone is going to think they are frauds.

When I listen to them talking about their fears and doubts they always end with words like: “I am not perfect and I am waiting for the moment for this perfection to come. “ I usually respond with: “Sorry, you can wait your whole life but at the end you will never gain the perfection you seek because it does not exist. “


I myself was like this during one phase of my life and what I feared the most was the negative critics. I remember when I opened my first blog and wrote my first article. OMG! I was so afraid I would only get negative replies so I did not open it for a week. When I finally found the courage to take a look, I got so emotional because not only did I not get any negative comments, I got replies like: “Bravo for your first post! Just continue what you do!”

Very similar situations happened in others fields of my professional life.

So what really do I wish to say to you? You will not know how much you have inside until you try it out, until you do the first step. And despite the huge fear, do it…face it. Do what you are most afraid of and with time the fear is going to disappear.

And you know what else? The work shapes you. Not all the theory you have read or heard. Yes, it gives you structure, it gives you the foundation…but the work with living people is the one directing your path and something that is going to shape your unique way of doing things. Working with people gives you self-esteem. Their feedback and your awareness tells you what you are very good at and where to buy generic cialis in UK what you still need to work on.

You gain valuable experience that is only yours and you cannot read it or learn it elsewhere.

And do not be afraid that you will not know something or want be able to do something. If you have faith and you believe someone or something out there (life, spirit world, God, angels etc.) is helping you, then you will only get those people as clients that you can help with your knowledge and experiences.

And even if you get someone whose problem is beyond your expertise, always say without any shame that you are not competent to help and recommend someone else if you can. Honest and benevolent, right?

Will you get negative critics? Of course you will. It is how life works. As soon as you get out of your comfort zone, the projections of your inner demons gets stronger. How inside so outside.

What a beautiful opportunity for self-awareness! See every critic as a blessing to improve you, to be a better you. With time you will get less and less critics.

Do not wait! With every passing year your passion for life gets weaker and weaker until you get to the point where you can’t remember or do not know why you live or breathe. And soon you give up and live a miserable and unhappy life.

You have a unique talent that the world needs. Give it a chance, show it and the world will be a better place.