Karmic Lessons & Repayment

If we have been particularly unkind to the sick or needy, we could very well come back as one in a subsequent incarnation. This is however not a retribution or punishment meted out by a higher power but simply what our soul might choose to do in order to cultivate compassion and empathy for others.

As the point here is not to punish ourselves but to develop compassion, we could do this a number of other ways that do not involve us becoming sick or needy. For instance, we could come back to be a parent of a very sick child. Or work in a charity for the needy. And such soul contracts or agreements need not be lifelong commitments but can always be released once our soul is satisfied that the lesson of compassion has been learned. There is thus a necessity for us to be tested a couple of times to make sure we have really learned the lesson. Again, it isn’t some higher power but our own soul who does the testing. Basically, in collaboration with other souls and consultation with older souls, we on a soul level plan our own lessons, make our own contracts and set our own tests.

If we have caused substantial harm to others, our soul would feel indebted to them and have the desire to make it up to them, especially if we have infringed on their freewill and disrupted quite drastically their life plan which usually takes a lot of energy and effort to prepare and organize.

If we had murdered a hundred individuals in our past lives, it doesn’t mean we have to be murdered a hundred times in return. There are other more loving, positive and constructive ways to return the favour and repay our energetic (or karmic) debt. Such as becoming a dedicated caregiver, a devoted partner or a loyal subordinate to those we had harmed. Or through developing a food product, medicine or technology that can benefit large groups of people. We might even become once again an antagonist in their life to assist them with their learning and healing if that is what they wish, for it is a very unpleasant experience to play a negative role in someone’s life and not many souls are willing to volunteer for such an unenviable task.

We exist in a benevolent universe and there isn’t a Creator who passes judgment and metes out punishment, sending us to heaven or hell depending on our deeds and misdeeds.

We exist in a freewill universe and it is entirely up to us how we wish to learn, play and love in this benevolent universe.