Keep On and Keeping On
by Jean Luo

Today is a monumental day in my life. Five-years ago, a month after we came back from our two-year journey in India, Margaret McElroy – our teacher, mentor and dear friend left us suddenly and returned home to the World of Spirit. My life and the life of those who had been living with her was forever changed in an instant. Margaret McElroy was a deep trance channel for the energy known as Maitreya – the World Teacher. Through her, Maitreya channeled more than 400 life changing messages to the world. Those touched by his wisdom through his writings on the website or listening to his channeled messages were uplifted by his message of love and self-mastership and their life was changed for the betterment of the soul. I am one of them. Honestly, I am one of the luckiest people who was taught, trained, and lived directly with Margaret/Maitreya for 13 years.

Margaret’s unexpected passing changed my life drastically. In that very instant, early in the morning of July 13th, 2016, the life of me, and those who were living with her was turned upside down. We soon realized we had been living under the biggest security-umbrella, which was Margaret/Maitreya, comfortably relying on their guidance and protection. We were living in our comfort zone and now we were being forced by the Universe to stand on our own. Heavily in debt, the comfort-zone of life pulled out from under us in and instant, and the fear of the unknown staring us in the face. All the wisdom from Margaret/Maitreya in our heads, but the reality of combatting the fear of our predicament engulfing us. It was a real test of our faith and trust in what we had learned from Maitreya as to how life really works and how our chosen life lessons play out through facing the fears of the circumstances that life presents us. It’s easy to talk about, but now we were being presented with facing our fears individually and collectively without knowing what the future held in store for us. All we had was the metaphysical knowledge that we had learned from Margaret/Maitreya. It has been the living energy to guide us to live and to create our own reality.

The energy of Margaret/Maitreya’s teachings is a living energy, it not only teaches us the purpose of life, provides us an understanding of who we are and why we are here, but it also shows us what our life on the Earth Plane is really about, and how to live with it. It provides us the guidance as to how to raise our vibration to see through the illusion of human emotions, beliefs, and conditioning, to create a happy and abundant life for ourselves, and to make a positive contribution to the world at large.

Through Margaret, Maitreya taught us that each soul is unique and special, has the direct and intimate connection to the Divine source, and is loved dearly and unconditionally by the energy that many call Ultimate Being, God, Divine Spirit or Divine source energy. As such, each soul is the creator of their own reality. In order for each of us to unlock our fullest potential of being a creator, each of us must honestly believe in ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally and be truthful and honest to our own uniqueness; We must acknowledge and face our own fear, insecurity, and self-doubt; We must understand that each of us is a living energy with our own vibration, frequency and consciousness. Thus, we are the creator of our own destiny. We are creating our life individually and collectively each and every moment with our thought, word, emotion, belief, choice, and decisions. It is our full responsibility for creating our own reality individually and collectively. We can create heaven on Earth by living in peace and harmony; or we can create Hell on Earth with war, conflict and fighting against each other. The choices are ours, individually and collectively. Only by raising our awareness, being more aware, being fearless, mindful, truly detaching from our emotions and those of others, and listening to the voice of our heart to make choices and decisions, can we truly become the master of our own life. Only by focusing on changing ourselves and our own life through working on our own life plan – our karma, past life energy and life lessons, can we make a positive impact on the world at large and create heaven on Earth.

Today is the 5th anniversary of Margaret’s passing, and although she/Maitreya is no longer with us in her physical form on the Earth Plane, she is still with us, working with us from the world of Spirit; she is still guiding us and helping us; she is still touching souls on the earth plane. We constantly receive feedback from people around the world that Margaret is with them and is guiding and helping them whenever they are in need. In commemoration of Margaret’s 5-year anniversary, we have waived the $1.99 download fee on the audio of the Messages from Maitreya Volume 1. It highlights the core themes of Maitreya’s teachings. Alan McElroy narrated them into audio files so that you can easily listen to them while driving or relaxing. If you click the link here, you can download it at no-charge.

Alan and I continue to teach Metaphysical courses that Margaret/Maitreya created in person or via Zoom; I am also doing in-depth astrological natal readings to assist souls to find their life plan – their life purpose, destiny, their chosen life lessons, karma, and past live; I also do counseling and healing in assisting others in need on their life journey. Just like Maitreya said, if I can touch one soul on the Earth Plane, my life is worthy living. If you feel that you need assistance, I am here for you. You can find all the services we provide on Thank You and thank Margaret for her incredible 24-years of dedication to Maitreya that allowed all his knowledge and wisdom to be given to the world!