Laughter is the Best Medicine

As our Earth is moving towards Light Consciousness, our Consciousness is also going through a recalibration. This means a lot of the dark or negative stuff that stayed buried in our Akash is beginning to surface. In the old Duality Energy, darkness can stay hidden but not so in the New Energy. If you look around, you will see that old structures or systems that were based on the Old Energy such as corruption, bribery, bigotry or acts that were perversion of integrity are being exposed one by one. Gone are the days where those invested in Darkness can find safe haven behind closed doors or those in power. People want more transparency and integrity in their lives. The process to shift to the Light Consciousness is by no means a fast one. Consciousness takes time to change but as more and more Lightworkers hold and shine their Lights, darkness can disappear easily for darkness is merely the absence of Light and is not active. Darkness cannot create itself. However, if you picture the Yin and Yang diagram, the dark portion is as equal as the light portion and can be as powerful. This means to say, those who are invested in Darkness can recruit their people or influence those who have fears (the dark side) to join forces to fight the Light.

Please understand that the chaos or upheavals that we see going around us or in our personal lives are merely a transition stage. Even the weather patterns seem to be causing havocs and killing some flora or fauna. Things will not return to normal until equilibrium is achieved. This is because as we shift more and more towards Light Consciousness, the world around us will change too. Hence, our norms may not be the same as the ones in the Old Energy but they will be BETTER. A lot of people are going through difficult times and many Lightworkers are having Ascension symptoms. This is because recalibration of the Consciousness will affect the Ethereal Body and because the Ethereal Body is the exact mould as the Physical Body (just overlapping), you will feel the pressure, pains, dizziness etc.  Each individual is unique and different. Also, what one experiences depends on what you have brought forward in your Akash which resides in your spiritual DNA. Those very sensitive ones (clairsentients and empaths) such as myself feel the blocks surfacing at energetic levels. This can be at spiritual, mental or causal (karmic) levels. I feel those energetic blocks physically inside my body as well as externally. Hence, I stopped taking painkillers many years ago. I just work on clearing those blocks that press against my nerves and clear them. That was how I cured my migraines many years ago. Next in line are those who feel the blocks emotionally. This group of people feel the blocks that surface in the form that translates into their human emotions. This can be depression, sadness, anger, etc. In the worst-case scenario, the subconscious blocks can be suicidal. Many years ago, when I was working at the New Day Complementary Clinic, I was working on a seemingly normal and attractive looking 19-year-old girl. On the exterior, she seemed fine, but she had borderline disorder. While working on her, I had a suicidal thought because I was not centering my energy in a split second. I realized it wasn’t my emotion and quickly brought my energy back to the center. I later confirmed with her, and she admitted to having those thoughts at times. She begged me to call her stepmom and confirm her thoughts. Sadly enough, her stepmom didn’t believe me nor her. The last group of people are the least sensitive ones. These are the people who do not get in touch or listen to their bodies until those blocks choke the cells, cut off nutrients or fail to drain toxin from the cells. The functions of those cells where the blockage occurs become abnormal and in some cases abnormal replications may occur and manifest into physical symptoms.  Physical manifestation is the last stage and the hardest to heal (because it is in our linear 3D/4D world) as compared to earlier stages. In some lucky cases, their pets such as dogs may even detect the symptoms at an earlier stage and save their lives.

May I say that everyone is affected by the Shift into the Light Consciousness. It may seem like everyone is going through a hard time whether financially, health wise or in relationships. This is because many are still in the Old Energy of Push-and-Pull. Eg. You can say a seemingly neutral comment to someone but due to his/her subconscious conditioning, he/she will react in an unfavorable way. This can go on back-and-forth and might even end up in a quagmire. Although we are all going through challenges/changes in life, try to embrace these changes lightheartedly. I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’. Indeed, this saying carries much truth in it. Let me elaborate. You are not your physical Self which is merely a vessel for your soul to reside till you make the transition to go back to Spirit. You are much larger, bigger than life itself. Your soul is magnificent and is eternal. Literally nothing can wipe off nor dim the brilliance of your soul nor the brightness of the Light within you. You are merely residing in a physical body, playing the game of forgetfulness (of how brilliant and magnificent your True Self is) so that it will not interfere with your life lessons on Earth. Once you have this understanding that you are eternal, every hardship or challenge can be taken lightly because life is an illusion. Worrying is definitely not going to help because not only that you will block your own energy flow, but you will also block your connection to the Divine. No divine guidance can penetrate through layers of fears, worries, depression etc. Those who laugh from their core open up their heart chakra plus, laughter is contagious! In this space and moment when you laugh, healing occurs. When you are in a relaxed mood, your Guides will be able to communicate with you better. Also, when you laugh, your Ego will have to take a backseat, so no thinking happens.
Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals which promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

So may I suggest that you start to take life lightly from now onwards. Laugh at yourself, laugh at your problems, laugh at your own silliness, and laugh with your friends and family. You will find that your problems or challenges become less burdensome once you change your perspective.

I leave you in Joy & Laughter.


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