These days I learn laughter by looking at my children. How easy it is, yet we tend to not see it. We would rather be comfortable to carry heaviness and thinking this it is safer. How many people suffer from damages of stress? Yet, we silently forget to remind ourselves of this as we beat ourselves up by carrying the burdens of that day. I, a mom with 2 children and full-time work, often am consumed with such hectic times. What tools can I use in my busy day to create an easy smooth routine? Laughter is medicine! Beautiful thoughts like, ‘all is well’ bring me to a pleasant place and beingness where I can connect with my true self and keep it going. This pleasant place to me is real, it is alive in the heart, it is the essence of my being, it is like a beautiful nature spot that rejuvenates me. Even though there is a negative backlash that might unexpectedly come that might seem to dissolve that pleasant place, just observe and be at peace in knowing that the negative backlash is not a real thing, that it needs your energy to stay alive, and it can’t exist on its own. You have the ultimate power to forgive yourself and any others involved in those thoughts. Visualize disconnection with those thoughts. When you act with knowledge and the capacity to disconnect, the light of worthiness turns on to allow you to reconnect with your pleasant place. Your acceptance of your worthiness is what gets you to the positive thoughts. I am worthy of peace and contentment in my heart, not stress and negative thoughts. You can see the brighter side of life thru the light of grateful and unconditional humble acts for the sake of peace in your heart. That’s what the heart craves, freedom from all negative thoughts and emotions, and to be led by intuition with the knowing of how deeply you are loved and respected by Spirit.

Laughter is a way to reach Spirit. It is a catalyst to the energy of manifestation to assist you to manifest the circumstances to achieve your goals. Say, you need to study for an exam, take a bit of time to look at the illusion we live in, you as a Spiritual being here on Earth, and yet you must pass this exam to achieve the life you desire to live. Knowing that giving your best is all that really matters to Ultimate being, there is no judgement at all. Awareness of the fact that there is so much more when you look at why you were born and the reasons you are here on the Earth to achieve. Have a good laugh at how the pleasant place and the material ways to be there are really manifesting that big story called You. It’s ok to make mistakes and learn, give room for mistakes, and laugh at them. It brings you closer to success! (LOL) What do your thoughts make you feel like? What do you want out of yourself and others? What does your heart speak of them?

Have a blessed month.