Learning and the Comfort Zone

Maitreya often discussed that learning takes place outside our comfort zone. The Universe puts us in situations that brings past life energy to the surface to be addressed. I’ve been discussing our move into a new home in the last couple of newsletters I’ve written. You would think we would be on top of the world with our new home. It is rural and we’re engulfed in nature. As I write this, I’m sitting out on my deck overlooking our beautiful yard that is surrounded by 100-foot tall trees. It doesn’t get much better than that. I can walk a quarter mile down the road to an inlet on the majestic Puget Sound. We may need to invest in a little kayak, then we can experience the peacefulness of the water at sunrise or sunset.

All sounds good right, but the emotions that have come to the surface as we work through the move has been off the charts. Incredible anger and pent-up emotions have come to the surface as we face decisions with new flooring, new paint, schedule setbacks, and the bank account nosediving to name just a few triggering aspects. At the end of the day, the 4 of us have been pushed out of the comfort zone we’ve been enjoying the last few years. Ironically, the communications between the 4 of us of has moved from a superficial level to a deeper level. It wasn’t because we wanted to communicate, it was because the energy within each of us that was coming to the surface was so intense that the energy had to flow. i.e., the Universe is forcing us out of our own little worlds and making us interact on a deeper level rather than the superficial world we were living in.

The world is in undergoing incredible change. So much of it seems so unfair and emotionally draining. Here in the U.S., 50-million women lost the autonomy over control of their own bodies, the gun laws are being relaxed even with all the mass shootings. In the emotions of life, it’s hard to see any positive aspects, but try and remember all is perfect in the Universe. Change, whether we perceive it as good or bad will force decisions to be made that will trigger deep buried emotions to come to the surface to be released. We can give our energy to the emotions, or we can use the energy in a constructive way on a soul level to try and understand and release the energy that is coming to the surface in our individual lives. Try to focus on your own life, and try not to get drawn into the emotions of another’s situation, that is their learning and it only distracts from your learning.

Here is Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #7, Change. For a free download of the Maitreya Wisdom Cards, Click Here.

Life is all about change. Just as the seasons change, so does life. Life cannot stay the same, nothing can. Life itself must move on, otherwise without change, the world would become a stagnant pool of negative emotions. Change is what clears away the old energy and brings in the new. It has to. The old structured ways of conditioning are being removed, and a new energy is emerging. Most people find change difficult. They do not want change, and they do not wish to move on. Instead, they want to stay where they are, in the comfort zone. The comfort zone is a place that you create in your own life, a place where you are comfortable with your life, your beliefs, and your routine. The comfort zone is a wonderful place to be, but you cannot learn from being there. You cannot make changes while you remain in the comfort zone. You can only learn by being removed from it! It is only when you are removed from the comfort zone that you can finally recognize what is necessary to change and begin moving forward on the path to a higher vibration. Change can occur in many areas of your life, including career, money, partnerships, spirituality, your living space, and even with your children. You choose the way change will assist you to learn, and the path you will take. No one can stop change. If you try to resist change in your life, it only makes your life much more difficult. You are here to learn about thinking outside of the box and to be your own master. That learning cannot take place when your thoughts and ideas are fixed and unchangeable. Let your thoughts manifest positively in your life. Allow all of your thinking to be of a happy and positive nature. Then you will be creating happiness for yourself. Yes, it is hard to think positively, to be happy, especially when you are removed from the comfort zone. However, with a positive attitude, and practice, this can be accomplished. You will find that change is not as fearful as it seems to be. The more you open up to embrace change, the easier and faster change can take place in your life, and the better and happier your life will be. When this card appears in your reading, it is the Universe reminding you to go with change. Change is nothing to be afraid of. Trust the change the Universe is bringing into your life and all will be well in your life.

Have a great month,