As I write this newsletter, we are all moving into our new house. The last four years have been a trial and a real testing time for us, astrologically for all of us it has all been there, every agonizing painful moment. We were not to know the following four years would be the most severe four years of our lives. Do we regret it; no we do not. It was a challenge yes, but also an intense learning time and although a hard time, we learned so much for the better. In order to be tested by spirit, we needed to be taken away from the comfort zone and those who were near and dear to us. It was not easy, yet we did it, along the way we changed from the people we knew, to better, stronger people, with more compassion, understanding and awareness. We were left alone to work things out for ourselves. There were times I had no connection to Maitreya as he chose radio silence. So, what now? I have a different energy and I am more at peace and have such intuitive insight. I no longer need what I had before materially, it is freedom of the highest I could have. It makes me wonder how many people can go through what we went through, it took so much energy, but we are better for it!