How do you learn trust you might ask? I am sure you can picture in your mind an incident in your childhood where you were scared and holding onto your mommy or daddy’s arm or leg as tight as you could, just to feel safe. I remember going to Disneyland when I was about 5 years old and I can feel and picture myself on a little dock, beside a little lake, waiting to board this canoe, of which, for some unknown reason I was terrified to get in. So there I was screaming and crying and holding onto my mother’s leg for dear life! In the end, I ended up in the canoe and things turned out ok, but it was traumatic for me, and probably embarrassing for my mother as we went on that little canoe ride. Did I really learn trust or did the Universe just assist me to face a fear and learn through the experience?

What’s your experience, do we truly learn to trust? Is that trust across all circumstances and situations, or is trust just a state of mind as we go through an experience? Does the trust stay absolute or can it be here today and gone tomorrow?

From a Metaphysical perspective, one of the key sayings is that we need to learn to trust the Universe. It will bring us what we need. Or is it, the Universe will bring us the situation or circumstance to assist us to learn, throw out the trust part. If we experience the particular situation long enough, or frequent enough we will “finally” learn our lesson, and when it arises again, we give it no energy, because we have been down this particular road before; and I guess we trust!

Trust is accepting that the Universe is bringing a learning opportunity your way that will assist you to face a fear and work through it, thus releasing the trapped energy within your soul memory so you can move forward in vibration and consciousness. The big part is facing the fear and releasing the energy. As Maitreya often stated, “Better out than in.” i.e., it’s all about releasing this trapped energy from the emotional body.

So back to trust, I don’t think trust is tied to a particular instance or circumstance, but it is having the knowledge and understanding that the Universe is going to present you with an opportunity to face a fear that “You” have chosen to experience. Have the “Trust” that the Universe knows what it is doing and its’ actions are not really random, but opportunities “You” have chosen for soul growth.

Trust that there is a plan, whether that is based on losing your job, losing your wife, dealing with an illness or any number of other life issues; and “You” made the plan. Trust in the “Wisdom” of the Universe and the “Plan” you put into play for your soul growth!

I know when I was sitting beside Margaret’s lifeless body, my emotions didn’t want to believe this was part of my plan, but then again, the Self keeps us a prisoner of our emotions. As Maitreya would say “The Higher Self would give it no energy and have “Complete Trust” in the Universe”!

Have a good month,