After a sabbatical (time off) from doing readings, I chose to put up my prices and put a worth on myself. My readings are incredible even if I say so myself, the reason being they come from a higher source much bigger than me. I started off 30 years ago charging $20, and for a long time my readings were $100 AUD. When I came to the USA I chose to increase the readings and the fee was $175; it stayed this way for 7 years until I had a conversation with Maitreya.  Maitreya, may I say, does not tell me what to do, but he does give me advice. I felt very strongly I was not charging what I was worth, even though at $175 people thought my readings were expensive. I was giving an amazing reading, channeled from the higher source, (Maitreya), and many times I wished I had more time to spend with the client. I actually was scared of raising my prices, what if nobody wanted to pay that fee? I finally took the question to Maitreya. Maitreya, who for most of our time together, has constantly said, “Put a worth on yourself.” However, she (Margaret) who was told she was a stupid idiot, a numbskull, and told she would never do anything with herself, for most of her life, could not put a worth on herself!

It was not only the readings but also the teaching I do, what was I worth in that area? Maitreya was very understanding with this learning I was doing related to worthiness, and was also pleased that I was finally seeing I should put a worth on myself. I told him I wanted to do a two hour consultation, and wanted him to come and speak to the client during the reading, I wanted to cover, not only the soul path of the client, but also their connection and past life connection to their children and family. He pointed out to me that kind of consultation would exhaust me to a degree, keeping the energy for two hours was a major achievement, and yes, he would love to come in and address the client! He also told me I should answer questions at the end, if the client needed questions answered, and it would also be recorded for them to keep as a record. He asked me how much I was going to charge for the reading and I told him $750 USD. He told me it would be worth every cent to the client because they were getting an in-depth insight into their incarnation and getting so many answers to their life path and purpose. He also told me it would mean I only had to do one or two a day, so would have time to write which I love doing. However, one needs the energy to write and I could not write while also doing 10 consultations a day, as I would be exhausted!

Prior to deciding on this fee, I had sat down and worked out how much it cost for Alan and I to live and do Maitreya’s work. I was staggered to find it was an expensive job to be honest; household expenses, travel costs, including hotels and expenses related to that. Just those costs alone would create the need for a large income, and I could not do it asking a fee of $175 USD unless I worked 10 readings or more a day. We talked about the fear people have in paying this kind of fee, and the feeling many have that readings should be almost free. Maitreya told me this was people’s fear, and if I believed I was worth $750 USD then it would be. If I had fear, I would stop the flow. With great trepidation I must admit, I put it out there to the world and the Universe. Within two days I had a request for my first Soul consultation, not only would the client have the consultation, she (it was a woman) never even objected to the $750 USD. I made an appointment for her, and over a week ago, I did her consultation. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever done! Of all of the thousands of readings I have done over 30 years, this was the most in-depth, informative one yet; I was exhausted at the end of it, but I was also on a high!

Here is what the person wrote after their consultation:

“Hi, my name is SP, I am from Maryland. I recently got my soul reading done by Margaret on Skype and it went incredibly well. I say that because I am not quite the same person after it, for the better. I felt my connection with the Spirit, as Margaret explained the chills I am going through.  I felt more alive when she explained when one of my Master teachers I pray to everyday is trying to connect with me. From Margaret I understood that one of my Master teachers over shadowed me confirming his presence as well! Maitreya spoke to me through Margaret, explained my challenges of feeling not good enough to work with Spirit. He explained that Spirit doesn’t judge me and I am special soul and gave me a daily affirmation to enable me to work with Masters. This reading is in fact the best thing ever happened, as I felt the Spirit’s recognition and reward of me, as I am trying to be a better person every moment of my life little by little – my husband really know what I meant by this even though he is not into Spirituality. Now I know for Real that it all comes back and how it feels like when it does. It took some time to sink in as there is so much information given to me by Margaret.  Due to connection with Masters I am able put my Self bit aside and got all the most important challenges answered. I came to know about my past lives and how the fear is stopping me from becoming ready to have children. Margaret explained that my grandmother, who has passed away, is holding my future baby girl to give her to me when I am ready! She also explained my future baby’s mental makeup. I definitely consider to take help whenever I need in future sessions from Margaret and Jean to overcome my fears of having children and gradually change my career from software engineer to medium and healer. With my Masters blessings and Margaret’s help I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is just the beginning :)”.

I had faced my fear, the fear of nobody wanting a reading, and the Universe opened its doors to me. Since then, the door has stayed open. I have realized that my consultation is really unique because it really helps the client connect to their soul, and also it is a stepping stone for them on their path to enlightenment. It is a once in a lifetime service, and at the same time, they are given three questions which they can ask after the consultation, which my client took advantage of with one question after the reading. I can now do what I have always wanted to do, give a client a soul consultation, with all the information they need, covering family, friends and other issues. EVERY question can be answered, and not only do I feel good at the end of it, but they do also. As Maitreya told me, it is an investment in their incarnation, and a very good investment at that!

Invest in your life and schedule a consultation with Maitreya today!

by Margaret McElroy