Let Compassion Flush Away Your Judgment

We often watch society and wonder how people can do this and that. We don’t understand why people can do negative things to others like abuse, betrayal, crimes, discrimination, and indifference. To understand why people, do these negative things you have to dive into your unconsciousness to remember that you have done many of these things in your past lives. When you were this person in your past life doing negative things, you wished that people would understand you and see the light behind your actions. You wished for their compassion. Now you are the person who can have some understanding that we have all done some negative things. The person who doesn’t have an understanding is trapped in a “prison”. With your understanding you open up a space for them to become a better person and their actions will have more positive outcomes. In this way you show them compassion.

You will experience a moment when you look at the actions of others with much pain, but you must remember that you could have been this person, whether in this life or in one of your past lives. Also, you have to remember that in a spiritual context you are the other and the other is you, because you are the same, the same source from God. There is no difference between you and the other.

Hrafnkatla Valgeirsdóttir, Iceland

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