This week as I write this newsletter, I lost a graduate student of mine who was also a dear friend. All of my students become my friends, unless of course they choose not to be, and for me having them as friends is just the way I am. Losing my friend brought up many thoughts about life and life’s journey; for instance when my friend and fellow associate Jean, looked at this woman’s astrological transits/progressions and natal chart it was all there in her chart for her to be ill, but also the possibility for her to die, which manifested this week.

Before she died, she was in hospital being assessed for why she was ill and a friend asked her if she had any fear about dying, she said “no” and today I was told they found in her room a “transition essence” which shows she must have had some inkling she was going to pass over. I also re-read today her last email to me in which she had high hopes of finding assistance for her illness, and living a long life.

None of us can say when our time is up, and we need to remember that. My graduate student had no time really to say goodbye to many people, I did know once I heard she was ill, she would not get better, and in fact pleaded with her best friend in New Zealand to get on a plane pronto and go over to be with her, she told me today, she was so glad she listened and went. Of course there are karmic situations where it is not the right thing to apologize or express ourselves, only an astrologer can tell you that.

We go through our lives thinking we are invincible, but we are not and just like my graduate student, we can be here on the earth plane one day and in spirit the next. One of the things I have learned from my teacher Maitreya, a soul from the world beyond ours is to let those around me know how much I appreciate them and if I have hurt or upset them, how sorry I am for doing so. At least I know if it is my time to go “home” that I go home with a clear consciousness.

One of the things I have had strongly over the 30+ years of metaphysical work; is the awareness over thousands of readings from those who have passed, that they never got to say “sorry” or to tell a person they loved them or other such things. We are so blind to the real world, living in our illusions and fear, yes fear, we cannot see life as it truly is, a journey, a school, but a temporary one. Our true home is the world of spirit; the Earth plane is just a place we come to learn, nothing more.

If you have anything to say to someone, let go of your pride and say it. It is so sad when clients say to me, just as they do from the other side, “I never got to say goodbye, or, “we never sorted out our anger towards each other, or reconciled our differences.” It is too late once they have gone unless you can communicate with them on a mediumistic level.

I never got to say I was sorry to my own father before he passed. I had become estranged from him a year earlier, thankfully, we made peace in the next world and he came back and gave me information for the future which over 20 years later manifested just as he said it would. It does not matter if the person does not want the apology, so say it or write it, if written do not send the letter, just the fact you have released the energy is enough.

Once you have expressed yourself, you are free of the issue, if they want to keep the feud or anger going, it is their problem, you, have released yours! Do not be one of those that are sorry you did not express yourself or say sorry; I wish you could see the pain and sadness in those who do not do that, it is heartbreaking and your communication if made to a soul who has passed into spirit, will get to them, they will get your message, and believe me, it will be felt!