Letting Go has been one of my life’s mantras and biggest lessons: Emotions, situations that spiral out of control, loss of loved ones, hopes dashed and a terrible sense of failure when I thought everything was going to turn out a certain way – then didn’t.

I can empathize with many of you who are going through this.

Do we have no control over our destinies? Are we meant to be in a constant merry go round?  When can we get off it and start to live the way we want?

What is it that is going on with the sudden illnesses, loss of job, the wife or husband that leaves, the child that dies?

From Margaret & Maitreya’s wonderful teachings, as well as other amazing teachings over recent years, I’ve come to learn more and more that we need to listen first & foremost to our higher selves.

This can be listening to a feeling of “No I mustn’t take this job” (even if it is going to save your house and mortgage). It can mean leaving everything you have had in security and just upping and leaving to a brand new country (something you have wanted to do for years, but never dared before). It can mean saying “Yes” to a course of study (even though you have no idea how you are going to pay for the course).

It means listening to your heart, not your head.  Yes, it sounds simple and easy – but it isn’t right?  Well, actually it is eventually.  Because if you (like me) refused to listen for years and years you will end up being so miserable that it will be your only saving route.

The thing we have to understand is we cannot control if our partners are going to be upset or not with our choices and who may threaten to leave us.  Nor can we prevent certain people we love who may misunderstand and criticize. We cannot stop or control the outer effects – only the inner effect and that is all you truly need to worry about.

Please also realize that it is none of your business what other people think about you or how they are going to react. That is a huge letting go for all of us (and one I am still learning).

You have to be good to you, first and foremost.

So connect to your heart and when you follow the joy within, know that the universe will support you in beautiful and amazing ways you never could have imagined.