My father passed this past week. I wanted to thank those that sent me condolences; I appreciated your thoughtfulness. It is interesting as I reflect on his life; I see so much of mine. We travel through our lifetimes in groups. We exchange roles to assist each other to learn lessons or payback karma; father to son, daughter to mother, whatever suits the little dance we set up for our learning. Metaphysical knowledge adds a whole new dimension of understanding to not only the life experience, but also to the transition from the Earth plane that we know as death. I remember Maitreya telling me one time, if we on the Earth plane could detach from the emotions, and view life and death in the same manner as when we make the simple decision to cross the street, we would see and experience things with much more clarity and understanding.

With the knowledge that the soul never dies, we should be rejoicing as it transitions back to its real home. We should reflect on what we got to learn from the soul as it danced with us during our time together. For many of us, the soul may even reappear as another dance partner in our current lifetime. Wouldn’t that be an incredible opportunity if only we were aware? I have a strong feeling that this may happen for me. I personally got to experience this with a good friend of mine. His mother incarnated back as one of his children. It was surreal to see the special bond between the grandfather and this particular grandchild. Would he have acted differently if he had been open to this aspect of life? I don’t know, but I do know it would have helped him understand the little soul on a different level.

If we look at our family experiences from a continuum of incarnations, I know it would help us to better cope and understand the myriad of situations that arise. It would assist us to unmask our lessons and face them, rather than get consumed by the emotions of the family dynamics and miss the opportunity.

This understanding would allow us to reflect on those around us as mirrors, and discern all the opportunities for learning by reflecting on them, rather than judging them. I am lucky, because my father was also a Libran. The Libra traits of conflict avoidance, hesitancy in making decisions, sacrificing self as you try to please others, etc. played out for both of us, just in different forms. I just need to look in the mirror each morning to grasp areas of my father’s experiences that hold the same lessons for me. Sometimes it was a little painful because in the emotions of the moment, I saw his faults; but upon reflection, I was just looking at myself.

Today would have been your 87th birthday Dad, even though you aren’t physically here anymore, more than a few thanks are in order. Thanks for signing up to be my Dad in this go around. I learned so much from you. Having me in your 1st Saturn return at age 29 must have created much learning for you during that phase in your young life, thanks for accepting the challenge. Thanks for always supporting me even when you didn’t always understand the why. You really surprised me on Christmas Day 2004, when you called to let me know you would be stopping by to visit. You battled our Libra trait of conflict avoidance when you rebelled against the rest of the family and crossed the line to visit me. You surprised me again 3 days ago, when I received my upcoming birthday card from you; it isn’t due for another 18 days, but you cared enough about me to send it early. I am sure as I continue to reflect on our dance together, I will continue to be pleasantly surprised. Thanks again Dad, I know I will see you again; Love from your son, Alan.