Life Goes On

It is incredible, July is gone, 7 months of the year has flown by like a wink of an eye. Where does time go and what has transpired for each of us on our journey. For me it’s hard to believe that Margaret and Maitreya departed my life 2 years ago this month. In an instant they were gone, but the journey continued whether I was prepared for it or not. It didn’t take long to realize that their departure was just part of the learning I had chosen to experience. My memories and experiences with them are etched in my being and I am constantly reminded everyday of how fortunate I was for having been able to walk and learn with them as part of my journey.

Margaret and I had many similarities, one of which was being afraid of graveyards as children. I remember her telling me about one of her childhood friends whose bedroom over looked a graveyard and that she would make her shut the curtains, so she couldn’t see the tombstones, as if that would somehow make her fear go away. My grandparents lived on an isolated farm 9 miles outside a little rural town that had an old overgrown cemetery that also haunted me as a child. Obviously, each of our fears somewhat dissipated as adults, but our understanding of the concept of death through Maitreya really opened a whole new understanding of what transpires as we pass in death and how the actions of those around us may impact our transition and even our existence after death.

I was eerily reminded of these memories with our recent relocation to Louisiana. As we travel from our house towards New Orleans, it’s kind of reminiscent of me going to my Grandma’s farm, except rather than a lonely desolated old farm road meandering by a spooky graveyard as a young child, I am now a senior citizen on Interstate 10 East, a major highway heading to downtown New Orleans. BUT, I am not passing a simple overgrown cemetery, I am passing graveyards seemingly stacked on graveyard with not just simple tombstones, but with large, and I mean large crypts, mausoleums and tombs to honor their dead. They’ve even given it a name, it’s known as, “The Cities of the Dead”! To be absolutely truthful, it is mindboggling to me that a place that is situated below sea level would construct such structures to try and preserve and hold onto their memories or pay homage to their guilt around those who have passed; come literally hell or high water. Remember, this is a place that floods everything when a hurricane hits, and it seems they are doing everything in their power to protect via cement and marble structures those that are already dead! I guess that is ultimate of holding onto an energy that is already gone. Here’s a link if you’re interested (

I was very fortunate, because with Maitreya available to me, I had some first-hand experiences related to death. You could say I received a real-time education on how the transition from life to death, or should I say “the other side of veil” as Maitreya would say really transpires. It might be good to start with the Maitreya Wisdom Card on Death to read what he said about death.

As the card says … “Do not fear death, for if you do, it will make it harder for you to come home.” You may be thinking that crossing to the other side is easy, but when a soul leaves the physical, it is actually a time of confusion and it is not as straightforward as some may think. As my dad was passing, he ventured back and forth across the veil quite a few times before he finally faced that last fear and peacefully transitioned. In my last conversations with him I told him that I loved him, but I stressed to him that it was ok to go. You may think, why was I telling him to go, but what I was actually doing is trying not to hold onto him or influence him in any way.

Most people may not realize, there are 3 outcomes related to the transition we know as death and I’ve had the opportunity to experience them all. The 1st result that we all hope for and that happens the majority of the time is the soul in a weakened state kind of wanders back and forth from this side of the veil to the other side before finally staying on the other side. This would be called going to the light. According to Maitreya, my dad did this for about a week before he finally transitioned. He was in a stable hospital setting and the environment and circumstances were ideal for him to easily pass over once he overcame his final fear.

The 2nd outcome is related to the soul just on the edge of crossing over, but something disrupts the transition and pulls them back. Remember, we have multiple transition points in our life plan, so in our near-death state, there could be an action by someone or something that stimulates that last piece of fear we have, and we don’t transition at that moment. This happened to my mother and while she lived another couple years, it was a very difficult time for her. The choice was hers to not pass at that time, but hopefully with knowledge of the process, be aware that your actions may affect a soul’s transition. It is hard to lose someone, but try and remember, as you’re pleading with them to not leave you and what will you do without them, you are impacting their energy and affecting their decision to pass. Try and remember, it is their journey and their passing is also a part of your journey. Maitreya even went a step further and discussed that if you don’t work through your grief and continue to hold onto it, the soul that is now just across the veil will feel this pull, so like an energy string between both, you could be inhibiting them from moving forward on their soul journey. This is where we really have to embrace the knowledge that on a soul level there is no death and we need to summon the strength to fight through our loneliness and be happy for them. If we happen to harbor guilt, what’s done is done, don’t tie your grief or remorse to them, they’re now trying to assist you to move forward on your journey, if you’ll just let go.

The 3rd scenario is the toughest, this when the soul doesn’t cross the veil and they can’t get back to the physical, and unfortunately, they become earthbound, stuck in time. This can happen with those with addictions, mental illness or some fear that upsets the transition. Margaret use to tell of a situation where she went into home that the occupants could feel someone in the kitchen and sure enough, Margaret could sense a cook that had passed and ironically, she also found another gentleman upstairs that had passed in the same period and they didn’t even know each other existed. We actually had a portal in our Bellevue house that acted as an energy vortex to assist souls to go home. In a prior newsletter, I explained how the Universe mysteriously flooded our basement to prevent any earthbound energies from causing issues with Margaret’s grandchildren when they were visiting. I also experienced first-hand someone close to me during a time of emotional lows that actually had an earthbound energy attach to them and it created some bizarre and erratic behavior for them and it was a very intense time for all involved.

The main point of understanding about death and energy is to assist us to focus our actions on utilizing our energy for our own soul growth and try to insure we don’t impede or hinder another’s by using our energy in a subconscious way that inhibits their journey. Death is really a difficult and emotional time, but try and have the knowledge, strength and understanding of how your actions may impact the soul that is departing. Do everything you can to try and keep things calm and remove any fears or worries about them moving on. Trust in the Universe and the knowledge that the soul never dies and that your journey with them will continue in a future incarnation. It is really not goodbye, but until we meet again.

Have a good month,