Life Is all about energy – The Road to Chi

What is life energy? I have had a fascination most of my life about this question. It has different names, Chi, Ki, Prana, are some.  It’s interesting and elusive because its effects can be seen, but we have no real way to measure it, at least scientifically.

But I love to watch YouTube videos on Chi Masters and Shaolin Monks, etc., because they have a mastery over this energy which shows it is real to me.

Awhile back when watching a story of an American who studied in China with a Chi Gong master I noticed something that really resonated with me. That was that, when I watched people who were able to control and direct this energy as they wanted, they all seemed to be having such fun and seemed so joyful when using the energy in their discipline.

This really resonates with me because as a musician I experience the same when playing the Drums, which does require a lot of this kind of energy. What I thought I would share about this that might be helpful is that, for myself and others I have studied, when you access this energy in what you do in life it is just pure joy! And when you observe someone who really has mastered how to use this energy, what they do can look so easy and fun!  At least until you try it. It took me many years of discipline to learn how to do this to the level I can today, and I’m still learning and working on it. But the reward of creating and just having so much fun and joy has been worth it for sure.  One secret I have learned is knowing that this energy must flow.  It can be directed consciously but it must flow. I know from my own experience that many things can stop this flow: Tension, Fear, and negative thoughts or incorrect motivations. In fact you must get past your thoughts and just be in the moment experiencing this creative energy and playing with it. The more you can achieve this the more energy you will channel, and you will just find you will be filled with Joy and Love and having a blast.

You can use this energy for anything creative and each of us will use it in different ways. What I wanted to share is that each of us can figure out where to find it in our lives thru our love’s passions. Are you doing what you love and have passion for in your life? If so you probably know what I’m saying.

But If not, and you want to experience more joy and love in your life, my suggestion is to start investigating what really excites and brings you joy. It does not need to be your life’s work, it could be just a hobby, but I know if you start to follow where it takes you, you won’t be sorry. In fact over time you will very likely be amazed where it takes you.  This is because in looking in the directions of your passions and loves you are listening to the Higher Self part of you. So I say, lose the fear and excuses and go out and work hard at what you love, Let the energy flow and just have Fun!