Life with Margaret and Maitreya

Here it is, July of 2021 already. The Incredible Miss Margaret passed to the “Other Side of the Veil” five-years ago this month. She touched so many with her larger-than-life personality and her gift of channeling Maitreya.  She was the conduit that allowed all Maitreya’s Knowledge and Wisdom to come to life. He gave us understanding and clarity as to how the Earth plane works through Astrology, Past Life Energy, Karma, and our Chosen Life Lessons.

I was fortunate to be able to have my journey of discovery intersect hers. It was an incredible experience to share 12-years of my life with her and Maitreya as my learning experiences unfolded in real-time. Maitreya’s core teaching is all about understanding your life purpose and how your everyday choices and experiences are the catalyst for your learning and soul development.

Ironically, the other day I was reviewing the website, watching some of the channelings and glancing over the writings and newsletters. I came across in the on-line store the Messages from Maitreya, Volumes 1, 2, 3 audio files. Back in 2007, we selected key Maitreya newsletters that highlighted the core themes of Maitreya’s teachings. I narrated them into audio files so that you can easily listen to them while driving or relaxing.

In commemoration of Margaret’s 5-year anniversary, we’ve waived the $1.99 download fee on Volume 1 and if you click the link here, you can download it at no-charge.

I listened to it the other day and it amazes me how Maitreya’s words always touch you in the moment with something you need to hear.

What a gift Margaret was to the world, and I was the lucky one who got to spend 12 incredible years with her.

Have a great month and enjoy the download. What will it prompt you to think about? 😊