Listen to Nature with Your Heart
Kim L. Sim

People are amazed that I can find four-leaf clovers so easily. Yes, indeed I can find them easily because they call out to me.    I have tons of four-leaf clovers (dried) in my collection. If there is one near me when I am walking, I will hear “look down” or “look right” etc… However, this is not an audible voice you hear with your ears. This is the connection you have with Nature when you use your heart to listen.

It all first started out when my American husband told me that he used to look for four-leaf clovers in his backyard as a kid, spending hours but never finding a single one. He told me it is supposed to bring good luck and may even grant the finder a wish. Indeed, it is not in my culture to reap good luck that way. My Irish friend strongly believes that I have a Celtic past life. Anyway, so I first started out to look for one after a swim at the University pool. I was walking towards a car park and the field next to it had thousands of clovers. I spoke to my guardian angel “You got to be kidding me! You got to help me find one in this sea of clovers!” Lo and behold, my eyes were fixated on a single four-leaf clover in the sea of clovers! The rest is history as I was able to find them easily after that. But let me share their message to me. My usual ritual after finding one is put it in water and make a wish (believing what my hubby said, lol). One day, as I was by the sink about to put one in water, I received this message from the spirit of four-leaf clover. It said “We are like you. Humans want to serve a higher purpose and do good while living on earth. So do we. We call out to you because you believe in us. Each time you find a four-leaf clover, make a wish. We send you energy to fulfill your wish. If your wish is not aligned with the Light, keep shifting it. We will help you find more. Keep on shifting your wish till it is aligned with the Light.” I felt so much love from the elemental spirits!

I love Nature and use to hike and camp quite a bit in my younger days. I love the raw energy in the wilderness and received healings from those nature spirits too. We all share a Universal language with Nature, which is the energy of love. So why not open up your heart to listen to Nature today? You will be pleasantly surprised by the warm reception you will receive when you are One with Nature.

I leave you in Love and Peace.