Listen to Your Navigator

Just when you think you’ve grasped an understanding of what you’ve been doing that’s not working and what you need to do differently, it turns out you only partially understood. That can be frustrating, but at the same time you feel like you are making some progress because you understand that you didn’t understand.

When I was told by my Guides and Angels that I needed to let them navigate, I thought I understood. After all, it did make sense to me that since they were the ones holding the map and I was the one in the driver’s seat that the one in the driver seat would listen to the one with the map that knew where and how you needed to get to your ultimate destination. Although the concept made sense to me, I still didn’t understand what that looked like, or how I was supposed to give up the control and let them navigate. I guess I thought if I stated I was open to their guidance and that I was listening to them, then that was what I was doing, but it still didn’t feel right. I still felt like I wasn’t understanding something. And I couldn’t figure out why things weren’t working out the way I thought they would, or should, and it felt like I was going against the flow instead of with it. The key to the problems I was having, as it turned out, is not that things weren’t turning out the way I thought they would or should, but that I thought they would or should turn out a certain way. Because I had a picture of what “things going right” looked like. So even as I was asking my Higher Self, Guides and Angels to guide me, or navigate, I was trying to dictate what that looked like. All the while I really thought I was open to how they wanted me to do things. It’s so funny to me that it took me months, and a lot of help and guidance from an intuitive friend, to figure out that’s what I was doing.

Navigators will tell you, for example, okay now you need to go straight for 2 miles. Then turn right and go 1 mile. Then turn left and go another 3 miles etc. For the driver to effectively follow the navigator’s instructions, they need to hear and listen to the navigator. If the driver has it in their own head what and how getting to the ultimate destination looks like, they’re not listening to the navigator. At all. The navigator may say “you need to turn left here because there’s going to be a dead end eventually if you stay on this road” but the driver is thinking “well, I know this road better than they do and I think I know the best way to get where I’m going”. When they eventually reach the dead end the driver turns to the navigator and asks why they didn’t tell them about the dead end, why did they let them go down this road. All the navigator can do is throw up their arms and tell the driver they tried to tell them, but the driver already had what getting to the destination looked like in their head and didn’t listen to the navigator’s advice. Keep in mind, our Spiritual Navigator’s never get angry, they are always loving and keep navigating us, or trying to navigate us, no matter what.

So that’s what I’ve been doing as it turns out. I had a picture of where I wanted to go and was trying to fit the navigation to how I thought it should be. I finally, with some help from a friend and my Guides and Angels, figured out what giving up control and letting my Higher Self, Guides and Angels navigate meant and how to do it. While I thought I was being open to any and all possibilities of what my future looked like, I actually had a set idea of what I wanted my future to be, and actually felt that it was my right to finally have that future because I’d “put in my time” doing other jobs all these years. It shouldn’t be about what I feel entitled to, feeling entitled to something makes it about service to self rather than service to others. In order to let my Higher Self, Guides and Angels navigate me, I need to be willing to give up the entitlement, that picture and idea of what I wanted and what it looked like getting there. I may think I know better, but they see the dead end I’m heading for, so I need to be willing to trust them to navigate, to guide me, and tell me when to move forward, or when to turn left or right. I need to be willing to listen and hear what directions they’re giving me. If I hear them but think I know better, then I’m not listening to the navigators who are holding the map of my life and know the clear directions to my life goals and purpose. It’s so important for us to let go of what we think our futures look like and what getting there looks like. To give up the idea that we need to have our lives planned out and be willing to listen and follow our navigator’s that are holding the maps of our lives that we planned out before we incarnated on this Earth plane.

We think it is up to us, that we are the only ones who can create our lives and that we know what they should look like. But we’ve forgotten so much. A part of our Earth experience involves forgetting who we really are. Forgetting that we are Spiritual Beings that have chosen to incarnate on Earth during this time and to have this experience. We are born with amnesia and hopefully we regain at least partial memories of who we really are, at least enough to understand we’re Spiritual Beings and that our friends are still in the Spirit realm guiding us through this experience. A lot of trust and faith go into believing someone (Higher Self, Guides, Angels etc.) when they tell you, “you know me, we are friends, and I promised to always be with you and help you until you remember everything again”. You are never alone, and all your friends in Spirit are still with you, helping you along your way until you remember all you’ve forgotten. I encourage you to try this. Try giving up control and let go of your determination, your picture of how and what getting to your “destination” looks like. That is the only way to hear the directions your Navigator’s are giving you. Otherwise, they are giving you directions, but you think you know a better way and then you end up at a dead end wondering why they didn’t guide you around it. This can be a little scary because it means not knowing too far in advance which direction you’re going. But if you’re listening and following your Navigator’s directions, you will be guided in the exact direction you need to go at the exact time you need to go there. Trust and have faith in your friend’s in Spirit, knowing that they will always be with you as they promised.