Live With An Open Heart

To live from our heart is to live with an open heart, not a closed heart. Only when our outer heart is open can we reach further within and get in touch with our inner heart found in the core of our being.

When we live from our inner heart, love is not a doing but a being. Love is not something we do, it is who we are.

To live from our inner heart is to live from our inner being which is love, from the heart awareness that we are love.

When doing love is not sourced and supported by being love, it becomes too easily exhaustible. When our outer heart is not anchored and rooted in our inner heart, owing to a lack of inner guidance we are prone to giving our power away.

To live from our heart is to live from our inner heart with an open outer heart. If we could keep an open outer heart and surrender to the love/light shining forth from our inner heart, we would be able to feel the magic in every living moment.

Upon encountering any fear, pain, or suffering, our heart can close in an instant, in a heartbeat, and it can take ages, or lifetimes, to reopen.

It is precisely the purpose of catalysts (and the veil) to close our heart, so that we may get the chance to practice opening our heart. The more challenging the catalyst, the greater the opportunity for growth but also the greater the risk that one might clamp up and take ages before again opening up.

It is also the purpose of our loved ones to open our heart, so that we are not completely helpless in this spiritual game we have chosen to play. Any other kind of happy experiences can also help to open our heart, though usually not to the same extent.

A spiritual journey is one from fear to love and any spiritual practice or meditation that seeks to open our heart to love, or for that matter any means or method of healing which must necessarily tap into the power of love in order to be truly effective, is essentially a workout routine to help us relax, stretch, exercise and gain mastery over our heart-opening muscles, so that we may become increasingly more proficient at finding our way back to love, back to being and enjoying the love that we are.

One simple way to open our heart to love — even as we go about exercising our preference for the positive over the negative — is to see that every being, every experience and every moment, including that which we consider negative, is in fact the Divine Creator in disguise. This is no easy feat but with dedicated and regular practice we can definitely keep getting better at it.

In time, as one becomes more familiar with the Divine, one will come to realize that the Divine is a hidden reality far more positive than the positive of surface reality, and bliss a state far more exquisite than either joy or happiness, so to open one’s heart to the Divine is in fact the epitome of choice if one truly seeks the positive over the negative.