Someone wrote and asked me what it felt like to be on a higher vibration? The person who asked the question mentioned she would like to experience it.

At one time in my life I was just like her, a soul on a spiritual search for MY truth. As I worked at letting go of the emotional side of me; the fear, doubt, insecurity, etc., I became lighter and freer; it took a long time, it happened over many years, 22 to be exact. It happened slowly, for each emotion I released, I not only released the emotion, but also enslavement by the Self of my soul.

I had been held hostage by the emotions for many lifetimes and as I released those emotions, one by one, a space was created where that energy used to be. A space for the energy of the Universe, a very high-powered energy that is very positive and highly charged! The down side of this though is that the positive energy is so powerful that it enhances and strengthens the negative energy that is around me.

I am so sensitive to the collective fear, doubt and insecurity of those around me that it makes it very difficult to be around people. Although one has this wonderful new energy, and can feel wonderful, when one is tired, this can be a very destructive energy for you personally; for when you are tired, the Self can have control of you and it can make the energy a very exhausting and tiring experience.

As I stated, the more you raise the vibration the more sensitive you become. You become so sensitive to sound and movement. One feels as if one is not on the Earth plane, yet one is not in the next world either, one is between the worlds. One becomes very aware of the pain of others, of their emotions, feelings; one becomes empathic! Although this can seem wonderful, for those who experience it, it is what I would call a double-edged sword, one side of the sword is very wonderful, the other side of the sword, is sharp and painful.

Yes, one is free of the emotions, yet can still have compassion and understanding. I no longer have the attachment to life as I did, I am free of emotion and so the Self has nothing to hang onto, but I do not fit into the world, as we know it. I feel like a soul without a home! Yes, it is wonderful to be this way, but it is difficult living with it. Everything is super charged, super sensitive! However, working with spiritual energy is made so much easier for nothing stands in the way of the energy coming in, no emotions, no fear, it makes it so much easier to work with spirit.