Living in The Eternal Now

There is only one eternal now but there can be an endless number of temporal nows.

Even when we are living in the now, we could be living in a temporal now instead of the eternal now, depending on how much of our head instead of heart we choose to use.

When we live in the now but doing so with our head, the now we are aware of would just be a temporal now, so our experience is one of moving constantly from one now to another now, from one moment to another moment.

When we live in the now but with our heart, we would become more aware of the eternal now, so our experience is one of always being in the same and unchanging now.

When we make use of both our heart and head, we could then see that we do exist always in the eternal now but simultaneously we are also watching and witnessing a filmstrip made up of many, many frames of temporal nows.

In truth, not only do we exist in the eternal now, we are the eternal now. We are the timeless experiencing and exploring the temporal. We are the eternal expressing and educating ourselves through the ephemeral.

Without the continuous and endless flow of temporal nows created and cooked up by our mind, we would not come to know of an infiniteness such as time. Nor would we come to know of the finiteness of time whenever we run out of time.

Without the concept of time we would have no idea that the eternal is infinite when measured in time. Without the contrast of time we would not have as much of an appreciation of the peace and stillness inherent in timelessness or the absence of time.

Without any beginning or end, the eternal is infinite in time but it is not of time. It is precisely because it transcends time that it can be infinite in time.

As we live each passing moment, we are like a projector shining our light through each passing frame of temporal now. The brighter our light, the greater the clarity of our existence. Sometimes, the light of our awareness would become so bright and brilliant, and our eternal present and presence (or timelessness and spacelessness) so clear and crystal, that we cannot avoid but come to the realization that we are not really the dreamlike drama in the film but are instead the light shining through and illuminating the strip of film rolling through the passage of endless time.