Living Through Turbulent Times – Like A Tree

Here we are with one month of the year behind us. In numerology this is an 8 year (2+0+2+4=8). 8 is the energy of manifestation, not just in the simple idea of drawing in wealth but rather in terms of balancing the material world and the spiritual world. And, oh wow, does this world need some balancing! While I have a deep sense of hope, optimism and peace, turbulence seems to dominate. It feels useless to simply go on as usual, yet uneasy to jump into an action that disturbs my peace. How does one live during these strange, turbulent, changing times?

Meditations and wanderings this month led to nature. I share with you the messages that came through in my writings.

Grounded yet lofty
Powerful yet meek
Quietly roaring

We are grounded to the earth for a lifetime (or lifetimes).
We are always connected to the greater beyond.
We become so occupied by the grounding, the daily grind of being on the earth, we forget the connection to the greater beyond.
The connection lies in the heart.
Live in the middle, grounded yet lofty.

Stand tall.
Soak up the water and beauty of the soil
Reach out across the earth and heavens
Be majestic in the beauty of flowering
Bear the fruit of your efforts with joy
Share your bounty; receive graciously the bounty of others
Wear with pride the marks and scars of storms weathered
Flow peacefully from season to season, for it is through change that we learn and grow

Grounded yet lofty
Powerful yet meek
Quietly roaring

So, my answer to navigating these turbulent times this month is to be like a tree. Such a simple, natural way to balance the material and spiritual world and allow the energy of manifestation. I am grateful for this, as I am grateful for trees. I have become a tree hugger, and I am quietly roaring.

My favorite tree in a park where I frequently walk, taken in early spring. Grounded yet lofty.

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